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8 Kitchen Ideas for 2020

New year, new you – or perhaps the same you, but in a brand new kitchen. A fresh year is full of possibilities, and a fresh decade is even more promising. Whether you’re looking to re-invent your lifestyle, your wardrobe, or your home, the 2020s are sure to bring a host of exciting new trends to choose from moving forward. If a remodel is in your future, here are eight kitchen ideas to bring your home into the new decade.

Reclaimed wood cabinetry
It’s both beautiful and eco-friendly, and we can get behind any trend that checks both those boxes moving into the new decade. They say ‘necessity is the mother of innovation’, and the reduce-reuse movement is bringing us a lot of gorgeous trends that are new, fresh, but also surely here to stay.

Natural wood
Wood has never been out of style, but the way we choose to implement it has evolved over the years. This decade, we’re seeing a lot of people opt for a natural, slightly more rugged and unfinished look. It’s incredibly charming, as well as a great option for those with families as it can easily camouflage wear and tear.

Hidden appliances
Stainless steel is still a gorgeous look and we don’t think it’s going anywhere, but we are seeing a rise in entirely hidden appliances. Refrigerators and dishwashers alike are being disguised as cabinetry behind beautiful facades, and this can create a new aesthetic that’s the perfect mix of new and classic.

The fifth wall, aka the kitchen ceiling
It’s becoming more and more common to treat the kitchen ceiling as a fifth wall, and it honestly adds a stunning effect. This can be done in a more traditional way, such as exposed rafters or wood, or it can be done in a fun and exciting new way, like using it as a replacement for an accent wall.

Open shelving
Open shelving is both beautiful and practical. Instead of hiding your dishes and cookware away and then purchasing accessorizing decorations, open shelving transforms your everyday items into your decorations. You may have to dust a bit more frequently, but your kitchen will look truly unique and keep your everyday items more accessible than ever.

Open concept kitchen and living spaces
The open concept trend isn’t new, but it also definitely isn’t going anywhere. It’s hard to fight a trend that keeps families together and prevents the hosts and hostesses of the world from getting trapped in a kitchen away from their loved ones while they cook during parties, so if you have been thinking about knocking that wall out, now is a great time to do it.

Two-tone cabinets
Don’t be afraid to mix and match cabinets within the same room. Find complementing styles and colors and implement them both to add a gorgeous new dimension to your cooking space that is sure to wow all who visit your home.

Dark floors
Dark floors, particularly wood, bring an element of drama into kitchens that is hard not to love. It’s easy to pair with bright counters, cabinets, and furniture to create a beautiful contrast, but equally fitting to stick with the dark theme for a bold and impactful look.

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