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Benefits of an Open Concept Kitchen

Many families are moving towards a more open-concept kitchen, and it’s easy to see why. A spacious kitchen allows you to cook and socialize with your family or dinner guests all at the same time. Since people often want their kitchen to be the central place for togetherness, this style can open up a home and create better traffic flow, and make your kitchen more adaptable for both everyday activities and entertaining.

So, what is an open-concept kitchen? In some homes, the kitchen is surrounded by walls that separate it from the dining or living areas. An open concept kitchen is exactly the opposite, because the kitchen is open to other common spaces in your household.

A house with an open kitchen is said to have a flow, because one room flows into the next. When you’re working in an open kitchen, you can see people in other rooms of your home, and they can see you. Open kitchens are great for entertaining. They allow you to stay in contact with your guests and interact with them while you’re preparing a meal.

If you like the idea of an open floor plan but are concerned about some of the potential drawbacks, you can always modify your design. There are ways to turn your open kitchen into something more private. For instance, you could put an island between the kitchen and the adjacent room. This creates a borderline between the two areas, without removing your open line of sight. Another idea is to install large kitchen doors that you can close. When you have company over or you just need a moment of privacy, all you have to do is shut the doors.

One of the top reasons to design an open kitchen is that it allows for a sense of togetherness. When you’re in the kitchen, you won’t feel shut off from the rest of the family. You can have a conversation with others while still keeping an eye on your children playing nearby, without being far from the dinner preparation.

If you entertain frequently, an open kitchen is appealing, because you can talk with your guests, pour drinks and prepare appetizers all at the same time. Because of the flow that’s integral to an open design, this style is good for preventing traffic jams in a house full of people. You can see when someone else is coming or going and are less likely to run into someone else trying to walk through the same doorway as you.

This type of kitchen is especially nice for small homes, because this design can make a small kitchen feel quite roomy. Another plus is that open kitchens feel bright and airy because the room isn’t as closed in by walls, so more natural light often fills the area.

For many families, an open concept design can be a great fit. If you’re considering an open concept kitchen remodel, our design team is always ready to partner with you to create the kitchen of your dreams.

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