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Cabinet Door Trends for 2020

A new decade means new styles, and the 2020s are going to bring in some high impact interior design choices to make our homes more beautiful than ever. The great thing about new trends is that some are fun and short-term, while others are instant classics and here to stay. And, it’s completely up to you which direction you want to take your home, or incorporate a little of both. When it comes to bringing your home into the new decade, nothing is more influential than the kitchen – it is the heart of the home, after all. If you’re looking for inspiration on the most up and coming design trends for the era, your cabinet doors are a great place to start.

Sustainable materials
Climate change and environmental impacts are more top of mind than ever, and your cabinetry is a great place to introduce an eco-friendly attitude. One of the greatest appeals in terms of designing with sustainable materials is, just as they say ‘necessity is the mother of innovation’, they’re creating some beautiful new aesthetics with creative resources and building strategies that we’ve never seen before, but are absolutely loving. Glass, reclaimed wood, and composite materials are just a few of the newer trends we’re seeing that we think will only get more prominent as time goes on and more companies adopt practices with the environment in mind.

Matte gold
Gold is typically a classic, but we saw it fall out of favor in recent years, typically being replaced by brass or copper. Now, it’s back – but not with a bang – because subtle is the newest way to implement one of the oldest trends. Instead of shiny and deep gold colors, the newest trend is to embrace softer, muted, matted ones for a subtle and sophisticated pop. We love silver and brass, but this is a beautiful way to bring back a classic trend that gives everyone more flexibility with their hardware choices.

Dark blue
Sherwin-Williams named a rich dark blue, called Naval, their color of the year, and we haven’t stopped seeing it since. Although it’s not clear how long this trend may be here to stay, the attractive part about it is that painting cabinets is one of the lowest commitment ways to implement a beloved trend, and is much easier and cost efficient to change later, as opposed to a semi-permanent fixture like countertops. The great part about dark blues is that they can be designed to harmonize with rich dark browns, or light bright whites. If you’ve been looking for a simple but bold change, this is the perfect opportunity to dip your toes in the water.

Open shelving
While not for everyone, as they absolutely take more planning due to the exhibitionist approach toward your glassware and dining sets – open shelving can create a stunning visual space. Plus, if you’re up for the challenge of coordinating all your essential items, you can save big on decor as your functional everyday items do the job for you. Open shelving units are a great way to make the entire kitchen harmonize, including that which would typically be shoved out of sight and be forgotten.

No matter what your personal style is, we’re sure there’s a 2020 trend that you’ll love to breathe new life into your kitchen, and keep it beautiful for this decade and beyond.

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