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Cabinet Handles Guide for the Perfect Kitchen

When it comes to designing your dream kitchen, the big-ticket items are always going to be your visual focal points – cabinets, counters, appliances, and island furniture or other built-ins will invariably define your aesthetic. That being said, when it comes to perfecting your vision, the devil is truly in the details. As small as certain items may seem, it’s amazing the way they can pull a space together. When it comes to choosing your cabinet handles and drawer pulls, here is a quick guide so you can feel confident your home is working in harmony to be the best it could possibly be.

Decide if you want knobs or pulls
There are no strict rules on how you can configure your use of knobs and pulls, though the traditional design style has been knobs on cabinets and pulls on drawers. Although there are functional reasons for this, the impact is negligible so it’s worth it for you to decide what you like for yourself. In the past, all knobs would be more common, and as of recent trends it’s now more contemporary to use primarily pulls. The choice to mix and match is really up to you, so it can be helpful to check photos online of other kitchens and see what styles really speak to you.

Match it to your aesthetic
There are a number of styles of knobs and pulls you can choose from – modern kitchens lend themselves to sleek and straight lines with harder edges, whereas more traditional kitchens likely feature rounder designs. One way to decide between these options is to look at other hardware in your kitchen and try to make it match – if your light fixtures have rounded or softer edges, it may not harmonize well to pair them with 90-degree angles on your knobs and pulls. The same can be true if you have a more modern aesthetic, so looking around your own home to determine what a nice complement would be is a great place to start.

Pick the perfect finish
You can go with warm tones or cool tones, chrome or brushed, or get a little bit more artsy and find options made with crushed tile or other creative alternatives. As it is with choosing the design of your knobs and pulls, a great way to determine the best finish will also be to look around your home and see what might fit. If your sink and door handles are brushed copper, doing a similar style on your knobs and pulls can certainly bring the place together. If you choose to go in a more imaginative direction, you can always consider matching them to small details in your kitchen – like artwork or other pieces of focal decoration.

No matter what you choose, the most important part is that you enjoy the way all your dream details work together and that you feel the kitchen is designed cohesively. Aside from that, there are absolutely no hard rules as long as you love the final product.

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