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Cabinet Ideas That Are Great Space Savers

Most of us dream about big beautiful homes featuring big beautiful kitchens – even if you don’t have a mansion in mind, it’s nice to imagine having all the space you need to work and live comfortably. However, house hunting often means compromises, and sometimes square footage is one of the places compromises have to happen. If your kitchen doesn’t quite fit the dimensions or layout of your dreams, there are absolutely a few places where you can work a little design magic to maximize your space. One great option is your kitchen cabinets – with the right match for your home, you can create the perfect cabinetry that will maximize your storage without using any more kitchen real estate than necessary. Here are a few ideas for beautiful cabinets that are great space savers.

Adjust your shelves
Many of us are guilty of just accepting cabinet shelves wherever they’re put, but that’s a missed opportunity to squeeze more space out of them. Most shelves can be easily adjusted inside the cabinet, and oftentimes they are spaced so tall that we stack and stack without asking ourselves if there is a better way to stay organized. Try setting your shelves closer together, especially on shelves where you place glassware or items of a completely uniform height. If your shelves don’t adjust, there are many accessories you can buy to place inside your cabinets to create additional compact shelves for smaller items.

Add a shelf above cabinets
There is often a huge chunk of unused space sitting right above cabinets. If you have the room to spare, it can be a great use of negative space – but if you don’t, it’s just wasteful. Instead of leaving that spot empty, sticking a few decorative plants, or even shoving small items up there and hoping nobody will notice, try adding a floating shelf that complements your cabinets and gives you way more storage space to work with. This area is perfect for placing serving dishes or other more decorative items that you don’t use frequently.

Use tension rods
Tension rods can open up a whole new world inside your cabinets. Use them up high and toward the back to create a mini shelf you can lean spice jars on, or place them vertically throughout the whole cabinet to slide cutting boards between. You can search online to find a wealth of really creative ways to incorporate tension rods into your cabinets that truly make every inch count.

Store stylishly
Sometimes the best decorations aren’t decorations at all. Install baskets or rods under your cabinets to hang pots and pans, cute oven mitts, wooden spoons, or anything else that is both functional and charming. This strategy is a double win because it both opens up more space in your cabinets for other bulkier items, but also reduces your need to purchase decorations for the sake of having decorations – and who doesn’t love saving while also avoiding clutter?

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