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Can Outdoor Cabinets Be Both Luxurious and Durable

You’ve started to design your dream outdoor kitchen, but you may be worried that you’ll have to sacrifice a luxurious design for durable and weatherproof material. That may have been true in the past, but those days are gone. With new technology and materials, you’re able to get the luxurious cabinetry to bring your design together, while also having all the durability you need. There are multiple cabinetry materials that you can choose from that will match all types of aesthetics from modern, traditional, rustic – and everything in between.

Stainless steel
Stainless steel is a classic material to use for outdoor cabinets, and when you see all the benefits, you’ll understand why. First, this material holds up great for all kinds of weather, and with the proper care, can be non-corrosive, resistant to fire, and easy to wipe away blemishes. As far as design goes, stainless steel doesn’t have to look industrial. Different powder finishes can offer you an array of color selections so it can match the rest of your overall design perfectly. This material definitely looks luxurious while staying durable, but it also comes with a luxury price tag. Don’t let that initial price tag scare you, as this material is so strong and damage resistant, so you’re sure to have less maintenance fees over the years.

Marine grade polymer
If you love how durable stainless steel is, but you don’t quite love the look, marine grade polymer would be a great option to consider. It’s very durable when it comes to changing weather, and can be cleaned quite easily. This material can be made in different ways, either PVC or resin. Either way, you can get the look of real wood, in multiple colors and finishes, without worrying about water damage and fading.

Now, unlike the other materials, this will take some more time and effort as far as building the structure goes. This kind of system is put together with cement blocks or a metal frame, and then covered with different materials like brick, stucco, or decorative stone. Keep in mind, masonry is typically a built-in structure. With the amount of stone or stucco options this structure allows you, you can customize it to look exactly how you’ve imagined. Another pro of this material is that it still gives you great weather durability while also looking very put together and luxurious.

When designing your outdoor kitchen, you want something able to handle the weather – and all of the parties you’ll be hosting. While that’s important, having a luxurious aesthetic in your material can change the whole feel of the environment, and leave your party guests in awe. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the other, choose a material that can give you both and in the exact style that you are looking for.

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