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Different Types of Molding Available for Cabinets

When it comes to imagining your perfect home, you probably know which floors, counters, and cabinets you love – but what about the molding? Finding a beautiful and complementary molding for your cabinets can ensure a perfect fit for aligning space, as well as hide exposed wood and sharp corners – plus, they look amazing. Here are different types of molding you can choose from for your remodel.

Light rail molding
Light rail molding is added to the base of the cabinet to hide under-cabinet lighting features. They deflect glare while also adding a decorative touch, but you’ll want to be sure they match any crown molding for a cohesive aesthetic.

Crown molding
Crown molding is one of the most well known, and serves as a decorative trim along the tops of your cabinets. It’s customizable in that it can bond to the ceiling or leave space, but either way it’s sure to draw the eye upward and create a stunning finish.

Dentil molding
Dentil molding is another decorative component that you place on the tops of your cabinets, and is commonly used around doors and ceilings. These need to be perfectly measured and placed, so take extra care if you’re installing yourself, or give us a call to help.

Scribe molding
Scribe molding is a life-saving piece of trim that can hide any inconsistencies between your cabinets and the wall. It’s especially helpful in older homes that may not allow for completely perfect and uniform fits for your cabinets.

Outside corner molding
This helpful molding can cover any exposed raw edges on your cabinets with a decorative flourish. They may not always be a necessity, but they will definitely take your cabinet set to the next level of elegance and sophistication.

Riser molding
Riser molding can help close any gaps between crown molding and the ceiling. Some people like the gaps to add decorative items, but it can be a sleeker aesthetic to have everything sealed with a beautiful finish.

Base molding
Base molding, like baseboards, add a decorative touch to the bottom of cabinets. They can create the appearance of a beautiful foundation and round off the perfect kitchen aesthetic you desire.

Toe kick molding
Toe kick molding covers the underside of lower cabinets while also giving your feet space to get nearer to your working spaces. It can be important for both design and functionality, and you can either use the same material as your cabinets, or something that will add a contrasting pop.

These can either fill unexpected space where the cabinet meets the wall, or ensure the doors of your cabinets don’t knock into the wall when they’re opened.

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