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Essential Tips for Purchasing Countertops

Kitchen countertops are one of the most significant aspects of a kitchen remodel. Countertops can impact the aesthetics of a room, and of course you want yours to be extremely functional. Good countertops should be resilient and able to withstand daily use, as well as the occasional spill or contact with a hot frying pan. Learning how to buy a kitchen countertop is an important process when remodeling your kitchen. You know it will be the one you want when it fits your budget, lifestyle, and your visual inclinations.

Your budget can often be the main restriction when choosing a countertop. High-end materials such as granite or quartz can cost a great deal more than something inexpensive like laminate. Contractors will often price your job by square foot or meter of counter surface area, so measure your countertops beforehand to determine your budget.

All countertops provide you with a work surface. What makes them all different is their visual impact. Synthetic and natural countertops are available in a wide range of finishes, you can buy laminate and solid surface tops in most colors or patterns, and wood or granite can have varied looks. If you are unsure of what finish you want, take a look at what finishes already exist in your kitchen, for instance, your backsplash or walls.

Deciding on the right material for your countertops is a big decision. You will want to think about a price, resilience and appearance that works for you. There are dozens of products to compare which can be difficult. Here are some of the most popular choices:

Laminate countertops are usually the most inexpensive and lightweight of all materials. They are easier to install than other materials, because they are easy to maneuver and cut and won’t warp or shard. Laminate countertops are available in countless colors and styles and are quite sturdy. The down side is that you might see seams, you can’t cut on it and a hot pan can easily scorch it.

Granite countertops are some of the most durable available. They can withstand heat and scratches, and have the natural beauty of stone. It’s a strong natural stone which can be polished, is available in many beautiful color variations, resists chemicals and easy to maintain. While there aren’t many downsides, it must be sealed periodically, and there are often visible seams.

Wood countertops can be stained, oiled, or waxed for a very natural finish. Like granite, they must be sealed periodically, however they can be more easily cut and sanded than stone tops, which makes installation and upkeep easier.

Quartz is a combination of natural quartz stone and man-made resins. While quite costly, it’s very durable, non-porous and resistant to heat. It also needs very little maintenance.

Marble is another rather expensive but elegant natural stone with notable veining and markings. It’s very beautiful, but it can stain and etch pretty easily.

Your kitchen is an important part of your home, so make sure you take your time and pick a countertop that fits not only your budget and lifestyle, but one that is visually pleasing and makes you and your family happy.

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