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Bamboo Cabinets: An Introduction

Bamboo cabinets are a niche segment of kitchen and bath design, but they’re one of the fastest growing segments in the industry. Their demand is increasing readily, as Americans opt for design and décor. If looking sleek is a high priority for you, then you need to get some high-quality Bamboo cabinets in your life today!

Bamboo has become a popular material in the last decade or so, as more and more people decide to switch it up a little bit. Visiting new families every year or so, people get bored with the same old design philosophy. Those who are trendy and truly live life to the fullest aim to get something that’s cool and unique. That’s where Bamboo comes in as a great alternative cabinet design aesthetic.

Some of the biggest celebrities are incorporating Bamboo cabinets into their kitchens. Chic and high fashion cities, including Milan and Paris have a burgeoning taste for Bamboo Cabinets. It’s an eco-friendly option, when compared to hardwood and tile, and reduces the carbon footprint of the earth with its continued usage. It’s truly a versatile and high demand product.

The most common type of finish for bamboo cabinets tends to be the natural finish. This is because it’s difficult to pair anything that’s not “natural” looking with a bamboo designed base. Also, there are many problems associated with unbalanced aesthetics, if you take out the bamboo “feel” from the natural environment. Darker stained bamboo cabinets seem to be a natural pairing in this department.

What generally happens with Bamboo finishes, is that visible areas like doors, drawers and bamboo shaded panels are made of ply. The boxes are made of plywood, which is like any other quality material you’d normally use for kitchen cabinets. In essence, the bamboo cabinet “feel” is exactly the same as others in terms of structure. There is no loss of quality, stability and overall décor-magic.

You can find these bamboo kitchen cabinets at your local hardware store, or by going online for best prices. You can alternatively consult our expert interior designers for your bamboo cabinets needs. Talk to our experts today at Tri-Valley: 925-855-0470 & Peninsula: 650-654-3101

You also want to consider the overall aesthetic of the place. Bamboo cabinets aren’t very common, which means that you’ll need to ensure that your whole kitchen aesthetic matches with the look and feel of your bamboo kitchen. Ask yourself – do you have open spaces? Are your kitchens facing the ocean? Do you have an all-white look in your kitchen walls? These questions and more, are very important to ask yourself before deciding on these magnificent décor options.

You can even get them customized to your taste, as stock and semi-stock bamboo cabinets may be limited in dimensions and retailer shelf space. Going for a shaker-style or a flat one, totally depends on what you love as a person, and how you “feel” about a certain cabinet after you look at it the first time. Bamboo or not, you need to really fall in love with the perfect kitchen cabinet before going for it for your next remodelling assignment.

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