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Outdoor Countertop Pairings for Your Backyard

Choosing your outdoor countertop for your kitchen can be challenging, as it’s one of the stand-out features and there are so many options to choose from – plus, they say kitchens sell homes for a reason. When picking the material, you need to consider the durability and the finishes that you’ll have to choose from. With ever-changing climates and all the cooking and hosting you’ll be doing, a material that can look great through it all is a necessity. Something else you’ll need to think about is how it’ll look with your cabinetry, appliances, outdoor furniture, and overall vibe of your home. So, what are the best outdoor countertop pairings for your backyard?

Porcelain tile and slabs
This type of material can already be found in many homes, but it also makes a great outdoor countertop. Porcelain is made under extreme temperatures, so you won’t have to worry about hot or cold climates, as it will naturally be very resistant. This material is also durable in the fact that it’s non-porous, fade proof, and low maintenance when it comes to cleaning. Because of all the benefits, you’ll be able to prepare food directly on the countertop without worrying about staining or scratching. As far as looks, porcelain comes in many different finishes and colors, some even extremely similar to natural stone. With the different patterns and textures that can appear on the slab and tile, it would look great with a sleek cabinet material – such as stainless steel with a powder finish made to match the color of the porcelain.

This material is incredibly durable, easy to clean, customizable, and can go with many different aesthetics. For starters, when the concrete is being installed, make sure it gets sealed properly. Even though it is durable alone, adding a sealant will help protect from cracking, stains, and bacteria. The sealant will also help make cleaning easier throughout the years. A huge positive of concrete is that it can be poured into nearly limitless shapes and sizes, so it can be made for your exact kitchen layout. Another way to customize this material is by adding different stones that can give it a unique and one-of-a-kind look. Concrete is also able to be dyed, but make sure to ensure your preferred choice won’t become faded from the sun. Because of the solid concrete color, the cabinetry can be paired with a marine grade polymer to get a unique finish and design combination. If you choose to add stone into the concrete, you may be able to use that stone in your cabinetry if you’d like to keep everything cohesive.

This type of material is very popular with homeowners for a reason, and arguably the best for your outdoor kitchen. Between its durability and variety of finishes, you are bound to find one that is right for your aesthetic and needs. Similar to concrete, granite itself is durable and can handle any number of either sunny days or rainy days. When the proper sealant is added, it can prevent mildew and stains, and help make clean up a breeze. On top of the durability, granite comes in various colors and finishes that will complete the look of your outdoor kitchen – and you won’t have to worry about the sun fading the colors. If you have a more rustic vision with your cabinets, consider going with a honed finish for the granite countertop. If you have stainless steel cabinets and want the countertops to have the same sleek look, go with a polished finish – either way, the results are stunning.

When deciding which material to use for your countertop, consider the design, budget, and how much work you’re willing to put in to maintain the material. With all the time you’re going to be spending outside cooking and hosting, having a countertop that can handle everything thrown its way will only enhance your ability to be a great host and make the memories that matter most.

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