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The Cabinet Center / Blog  / What are Silestone countertops?

What are Silestone countertops?

Let’s start with – What is Silestone?
Silestone is a new form of material that’s formed by combining naturally found quartz, with materials that make it harder and more durable. The raw materials added to quartz make the overall compound more resistant to scratches and dents, and adds a sense of flair to the quartz countertop. This makes Silestone an ideal option to go for, when considering kitchen countertops for the future home.
Is Silestone better than Granite?

For all things considering strength and durability, Silestone wins hands down Granite contains materials that allow for small spaces to be added in the core material. While that makes it resilient to cracks and dents, it can’t compare to quartz or Silestone. Even when considering aesthetics and overall design and look, Silestone looks better in modern homes than Granite or any other traditional material. Many brands have started keeping more options for Silestone because of its increasing demand in the home remodelling space.

Cost of Silestone
What’s really surpassing, is that Silestone isn’t all that expensive. If you add up all the properties and characteristics that Silestone brings to the countertop, it only ranges at around $60-100 per square foot. You can go for a great design and aesthetic, and the price goes up only slightly. Compared to other countertop materials, Silestone looks great and feels great at the same time.

Pros of using Silestone
The advantages of using Silestone are abundantly clear, as there are many characteristics that make it the clear winner in the affordable countertop discussion. The durability is only second to diamonds, and its dense and non-porous surface makes it highly resistant to spills and stains. You can cook on it for days without having to clean it thoroughly, as it doesn’t need to be maintained daily. It doesn’t need any additional sealing or polishing, driving costs down further. And the quartz in Silestone gives is a natural sheen that doesn’t require any additional maintenance. It’s crack resistant, cooler (owning to its natural elements), and lasts longer than most other materials. You can easily clean off a Silestone countertop with soap and water, and never feel like you’re supposed to clean further. It’s bacteria-resistant, making it the perfect countertop for busy kitchens, as the ions inside of the Silestone fights bacteria from living in the cracks of the countertop.

Cons of using Silestone
Although there are many advantages to Silestone, there are a few disadvantages that must be taken into consideration. There aren’t a lot of options right now in Silestone. The designs are more natural-looking, making it stand out in your décor. If you want something that “fits-in”, then you’re better off going for marble instead. The cost of Silestone makes it a tough buy sometimes, as larger kitchens may have to consider cost as an important element in the equation. Also, its not very tolerant to extreme levels of heat, so you can’t just put a hot stove on the counter-top. With lesser customization options and design choices, many people can be put-off by Silestone.

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