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2019 Cabinet Hardware Trends

Whether you’re replacing your counters, upgrading to new appliances, resurfacing your cabinets, or enjoying a total revamp and redoing everything all together – the time to redesign and update your kitchen is an exciting one! We understand it can feel like a fine line to walk between ‘current and trendy’ versus ‘fad and soon-to-be dated’ – nobody wants to make a big and exciting investment into their home that all of the sudden feels like an expensive time capsule to long gone days. That being said, it isn’t hard to find stunning examples of modern homes and kitchens that truly pull together the best of both worlds, and use materials and designs that feel both current and timeless.

Modern beadboard cabinets

The timeless Shaker cabinets may have made a comeback, but beadboard cabinets are a similarly timeless alternative if you would like another great option. They are characterized by sleek vertical paneling that has a clean, geometric look and is to add texture to any kitchen without feeling overstated.

Storage walls

Instead of wrap-around cabinets, we think we’ll be seeing more storage walls made of cabinetry that is functionally space-saving and a sleek method of organization. In homes that can accommodate, try utilizing one wall as a storage solution that works floor to ceiling with no countertop. In many cases, this will open up room for an island that may not have previously been available. Plus, being that this is simply the build style, any materials or finish – modern or classic – can easily be accommodated to fit your style and needs.

Minimal hardware

If a storage wall isn’t on the list of your list of reasonable upgrades then a more doable trend steadily gaining traction is minimal hardware. Seamless cabinets are on the rise, so place your hinges internally and opt for a cabinet finish that really lets the doors shine with minimal or no knobs and pulls. This will look even more amazing if you can set your cabinet doors flush with the frame, making for an eye-popping sleek and refined aesthetic.

Concealed hood range

Statement hoods have been very in lately, but we think we’ll be seeing much more in the way of subtly coming this year – as is characterized by many other items on this list. If you’re looking for a change with a huge impact, consider a low profile hood range that flies under the radar to really bring your kitchen into the up and coming 2020 era.

Backsplash shelves

Backsplashes have become a massive statement unto themselves, so it only makes sense the progression is rooted in style and functionality. In addition to a visually high-impact backsplash, add a narrow ledge to ensure your updated kitchen catches the eye of all who enter.


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