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Benefit of Lighted Cabinets

When it comes to remodels, upgrades, pet projects, and major renovations – well, there can be a lot to consider. “Will this add value to the home?” and “Is this in the budget?” are among the most common questions we tend to ask ourselves when considering various features. One upgrade that is not only sure to receive a resounding “yes” to both of those questions, but is also easily achieved, is the installation of lighting in your kitchen cabinets.

Lighted cabinets add a beautiful new dimension to your kitchen, offer convenience for you to enjoy, and a few other benefits that definitely make it worth the consideration.


In addition to looking elegant, cabinet lighting provides improved visibility into your kitchen spaces, and can make navigating them easier than ever. Whether you’re hosting an evening dinner party, or just trying to get a glass of water in the middle of the night, cabinet lighting offers a new and easier way to see what you need and move onto the next task. Rather than illuminating the entire room unnecessarily, just turn on your cabinet lights and skip the eye strain. Plus, you can enjoy outlets integrated into your cabinets for charging and other needs.

Cost Efficiency

Cabinet features are often installed with LED lights, which last for decades and offer increased savings on your energy bill. There are many times in the evening where we simply don’t need to room lit up like the Fourth of July, and cabinet lighting can help you avoid the all-or-nothing approach when it comes to your home’s lighting. Instead of turning on every light in the kitchen and dining area, turn on your cabinet lighting for an ambiance that actually saves you dollars, which can then be allocated to other projects.


We said it above and we’ll say it again, lighted cabinets add a great touch to any kitchen. Layered lighting is a great strategy in general, as it brings a new dimension to your room, and accent lighting can really help bring the focal points to the upgrades you care about. By diversifying your lighting – whether it’s through ceiling lights, table lamps, or integrated lighting systems such as in your cabinet system – you open up another world for you to explore within your own home.


Not everyone plans to retire in the house they currently own, but for those who do, safety is something to keep in mind over the course of your homeownership. In addition to getting ahead of future safety needs, it’s also nice to add features in over time so you can, first, enjoy them for longer, and second, break up the financial aspect of installing them. As you continue to grow and live in your home, you can be sure you’ll find ways to improve it for your future self, and cabinet lighting is one fantastic and affordable place to start.

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