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Choosing a Cabinet Style

Selecting the perfect cabinets is a big decision ‚ you want to make the right choice, and sometimes it can be difficult to envision exactly how everything is going to come together in the end. Fortunately, many have gone through this process, and we are here to help! The satisfaction of walking into your dream kitchen isn‚t a feeling that can be put to words. But a few tips to make sure you get through the designing process confidently can help get you there so you can experience it for yourself!

Start with the Door Profile

The door is the first and most visible part of your cabinet, so begin there and then build everything else once you‚ve made that decision. If you‚re not sure where to start, pick an overall theme before making your way into the actual details of the doors ‚ there is a big difference between the doors you would choose for a modern kitchen versus a traditional one. Once you‚ve picked your theme, then begin looking at profiles that will support that vision ‚ for something modern, you may want to consider slab, for something traditional, there are many intricate designs you can find in woodworked cabinets, or, something in the middle may lead you to a recessed square. Whatever you‚re envisioning, find a door that supports that vision and then begin picking accessories that complement the aesthetic.

Next, Pick a Style

Style is often determined by budget, which can make the process much easier. We recommend looking at styles in person and taking photos of any styles that speak to you and fit your vision. Once you have these photos selected, take your time looking and revisiting them until you feel more and more confident in which ones speak to you. As you rule something out, delete the photo until you‚re left with your final option. Also, never pressure yourself to make big decisions quickly! You almost always have more time, so don‚t be afraid to revisit anything if there is any chance of buyers‚ remorse.

Choosing Material and Color

Most often, your cabinets will be made from wood and each has its own distinct color, but there are other materials you may be considering as well, such as glass or metal. If you‚re not sure about the material, we recommend a consultation to speak with someone who can hear your wants and needs. Most commonly, however, people know what material they are dreaming about ‚ if that‚s you, color is the next logical decision in picking the best doors for you. We suggest referring to your desired aesthetic, as well as thinking about you or your family‚s needs ‚ the messy cook may not want white cabinets, and those with kids running around may not like anything high gloss that will draw attention to smudges and fingerprints.

Function and Beauty Counts

There are a lot of functional details that go into your choice ‚ for example, are you a bigger fan of drawers or shelves? When designing your own kitchen and choosing your own units, do not take any details for granted since they are all within your control. There are also smaller luxuries, like anti-slamming mechanisms that engage and close your drawers quietly every time.

Remember, this is your home and you have more control than you may realize! Ask questions, compare and contrast, take your time ‚ then, enjoy your beautiful new kitchen!

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