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Framed vs Frame-less Cabinets

When it comes to selecting your new cabinets, there are many variables to take into consideration in terms of materials, aesthetics, optional features, and more. One of the bigger decisions to make before you can even dive into the finer details is the matter of selecting framed or frame-less cabinets. Although there may not seem to be a huge difference between the two, there is certainly enough to consider as it relates to your personal style, needs, and budget. Do you prefer a more traditional style, or something a bit more modern? In order to feel confident in making that decision, it’s important to know the different aspects, advantages, and disadvantages in each choice before you can make your final determination.


Framed is a more popular style in America, so it’s likely the style that you are most used to seeing in kitchens local to you. They are built by creating an internal frame that extends into the front of the cabinet, which gives the door a textured appearance – something like a flat picture frame – which are often styled and embellished to create a beautiful face on your door. In addition to being the most conventional style, the faced frames also allow for easier installation and adjustments when being placed in your kitchen. As a result, there is often more room for modifications when selecting a framed cabinet.

From a financial standpoint, framed cabinets are often the more affordable option, but keep in mind they also tend to have less carrying capacity. They can’t be hung on uneven walls, so that may be a deal breaker for some depending on the layout of their home, but they are also made of thinner and less sturdy materials.


Frame-less cabinets offer a sleeker aesthetic and are a more popular choice in European kitchens. Instead of the conventional American frame, they rely on sturdier box construction for a reliable build. They offer more inside access into your cabinet, so you can take advantage of every last bit of storage space and tend to have a larger overall capacity. Due to limitations in construction, it is not as easy to modify frame-less kitchen cabinets, should that be something you wish to do.

Frame-less cabinets do often come at a greater expense, but in return you not only receive increased storage capacities, but also thicker and more durable material that are sure to wear well in the long-term. Because of their sturdy construction, they also don’t require the center support beam which adds even greater ease of accessibility and visual cleanliness when showing off your gorgeous dishes.

As with many choices during a remodel, there are distinct pros and cons that need to be considered to find the best fit for your needs and personal aesthetic. If you’re still not sure which may be the right option for you – try seeing some in person and learn if that sheds new light on which you would prefer to look at every day in your kitchen. No matter which you decide, your kitchen is sure to look completely refreshed with its new, updated look!

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