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Renewable Cabinet Materials

Being environmentally conscious is a fantastic priority to keep in mind. Even better is to keep it in mind when embarking on a remodel or installing new features into your home. When it comes to choosing your cabinets, there are a few things you can look for to find a renewable, ecofriendly, and beautiful material to build the kitchen of your dreams.

Salvaged wood – Salvaged wood offers a rich history, vibrant look, and is from a sustainable source and has no adverse impact on the environment. It’s wonderful knowing you’re able to reduce your carbon footprint, but even better doing it in style! In addition to being solid wood, which is formaldehyde-free, it’s also more affordable since you’ll be repurposing re-existing materials. Although they can definitely lend themselves to a rustic vibe, you can stain or paint wood to appeal to any number of aesthetics, so you can be sure there is something that will fit your tastes. Additionally, you’ll have the option to find something to suite any taste, but if you’re looking to go pure vintage, there are many pre-existing options just waiting to be discovered and re-purposed in a new home.

Bamboo – Bamboo is an up and coming material quickly gaining popularity for household surfaces. It’s a fantastic replacement for traditional cabinet materials as it’s much more environmentally friendly, it’s easy to produce, and it doesn’t contribute to deforestation as it’s technically a grass! Although we think bamboo looks beautiful when you show off its natural beauty with a clear glaze, it can also be stained to match any kitchen while blending in with many existing woods your home may feature. Its distinct look is sure to give your home a unique feel, which will be rewarding when it all comes together.

Pressed Wood – Pressed wood is a very common option for cabinet materials due to distinct advantages, such as its cost effective nature that can open up a world of options. Additionally, because it’s artificially created, there is so much variety in terms of available looks and styles. Most importantly perhaps, it’s very environmentally friendly as it’s made using the otherwise wasted excess of lumber products. It’s also incredibly versatile in terms of thickness, whether your project needs ¼ or 1-inch thickness. Pressed wood is likely the most versatile option, and you can also enjoy any number of veneers if there is a specific aesthetic you are hoping to achieve.

Metal – A little less conventional, but incredibly sustainable. Much like salvaged wood, you can find cabinets made out of re-purposed materials and pre-existing items. Even better, they’re incredibly durable – you’ll have a hard time finding a way to damage these cabinets. Metal isn’t the most typical building material for cabinetry, but it can lend itself to a number of beautiful looks in many different styles of kitchens and homes. You’re sure to enjoy a unique aesthetic that you’ll love to show off, and if you have kids, pets, or any other number of concerns – you can be sure your cabinets are up for the challenge.

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