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Selecting the Right Cabinet Hardware

When it comes to building your dream kitchen, there is a lot to consider along the way. While some of the decisions are fun and exciting, others can be a bit more technical and tedious. It can be a draining process, but the end result is always worth it. Usually these two decisions can be split into two categories – function and beauty. Beauty is typically exciting, and most often the motivation for the project in the first place, whereas function can often be where the fatigue sets in. However, it’s not too often that one important component of making your dream kitchen a reality occupies both sides of the coin and can generate that sense of excitement with an important visual touch. Such is the case with selecting your cabinet hardware – such as knobs and pulls.

Kitchens are messy places – as they should be! It’s what gives them spirit. But we also want to protect our kitchens and keep them beautiful for as long as possible, and knobs and pulls do a great job of that. They protect your surfaces so you don’t transfer the oils from your skin onto the cabinets and wear them down, and they also bring a huge aesthetic impact when it comes to pairing them with your cabinets of choice. Knobs and pulls can subtly amplify the vibe of any room, or they can make their own statement entirely and be a bold pop against a flexible canvas. The choice is entirely yours – which makes them one of the more fun finishing details to fix into place.

Start with the Basics – Knobs or Pulls?

A knob is a great choice for a cabinet, whereas a pull is more natural for a drawer. Pulls are more easily grabbed with the entire hand, as opposed to just a few fingers like a knob. Since drawers can get heavy with all the items contained in a way that cabinet doors will not, they may be the natural choice for those, while a complementing set of knobs can be chosen for your cabinetry. On the contrary, you can also choose to feature exclusively one or the other – truly, it’s your kitchen and the sky is the limit. The use of knobs can offer a modern take on an older look – when they were what was widely available. Whereas a kitchen full of pulls can look much more modern and give you more options to mount them vertically, horizontally, or some combination of the two.

Square or Curved?

This choice is more often than not determined by the rest of the aesthetic, and likely an easy one to make. If your kitchen is incredibly modern, bold, sleek, and features clean lines, you’ll almost surely want to take advantage of square knobs and pulls to amplify that effect. If your kitchen is more traditional, romantic, or rustic, then curved pulls may be a natural choice for smoothly integrating along with the rest of the appeal. If you’re not sure, ask the professionals you’re working with for some guidance or try to acquire some samples to hold alongside the rest of the features in your kitchen.


There are so many finishes to choose from, and while you can absolutely match them to your faucet or other hardware in the house, it’s equally possible to choose something different that works harmoniously and still flows smoothly. You can choose chrome or brushed nickel – classics – or take a more unique approach with antique pewter, oil-rubbed bronze, black matte, rust, or even glass. One thing to keep in mind is fingerprints on any of the shiny surfaces that may not be as obvious on any of the brushed materials.

No matter what hardware you select to really pull your dream kitchen together – make sure it’s comfortable, and make sure it’s you. After all, when you make the decision to take your home one step closer to your vision of perfection, every detail along the way is something you’ll look back on with sentimentality and pride.

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