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Top 3 Cabinet Ideas For The Laundry Room

Laundry is, for many, a loathsome chore that is all too easy to put off until it’s too late. There’s a lot to dislike about laundry, but even more to dislike about being left without clothes as a result of trying to put off the inevitable. But there’s nothing at all that needs to be disliked about the room where the magic happens, and maybe having a functional and beautiful laundry room will be just the motivation you need to make a little laundry magic feel a little more inspired.

As with any high-use area of a home, organization and functionality are key. A kitchen that is cumbersome to use won’t see much use, and the same can be said about the laundry room. By updating your laundry space, you can make the area feel more beautiful and help make laundry a snap – here are a few tips to get you started.

Sink and cabinet combo

A sink in the laundry room is a wonderful convenience, and with the right cabinetry, it can be seamless to build right in. Enjoy an oversized farmhouse sink, or any style your heart desires, that complements or contrasts the cabinets of your dreams. Especially if you have active members of the family, this will help ease any dread surrounding cleaning well-worn (read: muddy) pieces of sports equipment or similar items.

Organization station

Seriously, organization is great, and you may have more options than you realize. Cabinets in your laundry room can be open-faced to store any items you need repeated access to, and you can even hang a rack across two cabinets to keep a convenient place to hang-dry delicate clothes. Install baskets or cubbies to ensure that your mysterious socks with no pair have somewhere to wait for their sole-mates, or to place any items you pull out of pockets.

Pull-out ironing board

Why create space for something that can be built into your cabinets? Especially if you have stacking machines, create a cabinet system that incorporates a pull-out ironing board right into the design so you never avoid ironing just to avoid having to bust that clunky antique out again. Why didn’t we think of it sooner?


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