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How to Best Pair Countertops and Cabinets

Designing your dream kitchen is exciting! Plus, a home is the largest investment most of us make in our life, and upgrades to that space is an investment in your investment. It’s a great step in developing your dream home, making your space your own, and adding something that will pay off down the road. Despite the feelings of possibility and potential, it can also feel daunting to make design choices that will translate into real life as well as they appear as you envision them. When it comes to choosing the perfect combination of cabinets and counters, here are a few things you can consider to help make the best decision.

Mix and match

You most definitely do not have to use the same color, in fact, doing so can make a fabulous space look a little lackluster. If you want a bold look, pick a few choice places to implement those colors and textures, and then select a complementary palette of neutral colors to build into the design as a whole. Neutrals can be mixed and matched with ease, and the wider range of colors you use, the more dimensional the space can look, which gives you increased design possibilities later.

Beware of boldness

Don’t misunderstand, a bold look is fantastic – but two competing bold materials can visually overwhelm a space really quickly. If you want a bold aesthetic, consider picking either the cabinets or the counters to do so, and then use a complementary neutral for the other choice. In doing so, your bold feature will become a focal point of the kitchen and create a style that seriously stuns.

Set your budget

Materials and styles carry different price tags, and you don’t want to marry yourself to one possible option if it doesn’t make sense for your budget. Set your budget before you get started, and shop accordingly. This way, when you find that perfect material that really speaks to you, there won’t be the risk of disappointment if ultimately it’s not a possibility. Home improvement projects can add up quickly, so you want to make sure you’re excited about every option you consider and know they’re all on the table.

Bring samples home

You may think you can envision certain materials looking a certain way in your home, but lighting can be a fickle thing. Plus, it may clash with other features in your home that you may not have considered. If you think you’ve found the selection of your dreams, bring the sample home and leave it in your kitchen. Consider how it complements existing features, and make sure the lighting flatters the material at all times of day.

No matter what materials you choose, above all, be sure to stay true to your personal style. It can be easy to fall in love with a material in a showcase, but fail to consider how it plays a role as just one component in the big picture. Don’t be afraid to walk away from a material you love if it doesn’t feel right, as you’re sure to find something that fits your tastes and truly creates the kitchen of your dreams!

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