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The benefits of using concrete countertops

Concrete has a magical way of being effervescent and omnipresent at the same time. If you thought that concrete only belongs on the driveway then think again. The latest designs and trend catalogues feature concrete countertops quite frequently. Homeowners love to add concrete countertops as it gives their kitchen an industrial and rustic appearance. Other people love its customization capabilities, making it a top choice for all purposes.
How concrete countertops are made

One of the biggest reasons why concrete countertops are popular is their manufacturing process. There are essentially two basic ways through which concrete countertops are made. One is called offsite, which includes using a precast frame and installing the completed piece. This involves the piece being intact (as is) and being placed into the frame.

The other process is called onsite, which involves hand-poured mixture directly onto the fixture. The thickness on average of a concrete countertop is made to be around 1.6 – 2.7 inches, so that it doesn’t look too bulky or brittle.

Your contractor can make the final call, as to which process to use and you can weigh your options out accordingly. You won’t need any additional reinforcement or structural enhancement to make it viable.

The best place to pick up high quality concrete countertops is at The Cabinet Center, which has a large selection of beautifully designed concrete countertops.

The advantages of using concrete
Designers and homeowners absolutely love concrete as it has a unique ability to become any shape and any colour. This is because there are so many dyes, stains and coatings that one can use to make it into any shape and size necessary. When trends change, concrete can be used to keep up with them. Different colours, patterns and designs can create new trends through the base of concrete. It really is an artist’s dream come true.
When people are bored of granite and marble, they opt for concrete due to its artistic bend. Its something new, and interesting, and homeowners can make a bold statement using it. Concrete can become the mould on which designers can experiment on. Homeowners love showing off their taste in different styles and patterns based on concrete’s unique abilities.

Are there any disadvantages of using concrete?
There are some minor problems and upkeep necessary with concrete. Because people think its concrete, they forget to ensure that its well-kept and maintained throughout its lifetime. When they fail to do so, they end up paying the price with shorter lifespans and flaws. In order to maintain the look of the material, homeowners need to regularly apply a sealer. Since concrete is porous and of a lighter colour, blemishes can show easily.
Stains, imperfections and problems can arise if the material hasn’t had a maintenance check-up in a long time. That’s why homeowners need to continue to maintain the quality of the material from the day they install it to the day they replace it. There might be significant staining and etching otherwise.
Any spills that may arise need to be wiped away immediately in order to avoid any future problems with the material.

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