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2019 Summer Kitchen Ideas

The warm season is nearly upon us, which means loads of sunshine, time with friends and family, and hopefully plenty of time sharing meals in your beautiful summer kitchen. If you don’t have a summer kitchen, now may be the perfect time to make that dream a reality, and if you do then here are a few pieces of inspiration to update it for the best year yet!

Choose a bold accent color
Grabbing a bucket of paint is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to freshen up your summer kitchen. Pick something that complements but also stands out from the other colors in your backyard or your the exterior of your home. One of the great things about summer kitchens is that, since they’re outdoors, you don’t need to be afraid of dark colors closing off space or shrinking the area. Consider a deep navy or green to serve as a bold accent color to give a new twist on your old space.

Add tropical plants
Another easy update, bring in some fresh new planters and fill them with gorgeous and vibrant tropical plant selections. Choose one or two particularly pretty accents, or go crazy and really make your space feel like the tropical oasis it is. The best part about a summer kitchen is the summer feelings it brings, and fresh foliage is a great way to truly slip away into that vacation mindset (even if you have to be back at work on Monday).

Add a bar
If your summer kitchen doesn’t already have one, a bar is a high-impact addition that is sure to increase the days you’re out there enjoying it. As a pro, a new bar can be as involved or casual as you’d like – hire contractors and get a new bar with a built-in grill and wine fridge, or grab some wood and nails and take to Pinterest for a weekend DIY. Either case is sure to bring you something fun and functional.

Choose a new theme
If the theme of your summer kitchen is a coastal getaway, embrace the nautical theme and add decor to really amplify the aesthetic. If you currently don’t have a theme, take the opportunity to choose one now! It’s your summer kitchen, so your possibilities are endless. Some classic outdoor kitchen themes include beachy, Italian countryside, tropical, or rustic. Once you know which theme speaks to you the most, add in accents and accessories to really ramp it up.

Add a dining space
Many summer kitchens offer little in the way of seating, so now is your chance to fully offer the best outdoor hangout space. Create a small dining area nearby to make your summer kitchen the entertainment space of your dreams, and guarantee yourself a fun summer of hosting friends and family in the warm weather.

The sun is up and ready to shine, and with one or two of these summer kitchen upgrades you and your family are guaranteed to have the best 2019 summer season possible!

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