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5 Celebrity Kitchen Design Ideas

Celebrities may be just like us, as they say, but their homes usually are not like ours at all. Celebrity homes offer us glimpses into our dream lives – the things we could do with our living space if we could just find the budget for our wildest estate desires. Although most of us probably can’t keep up with the Joneses, we can definitely look to them for inspiration. If you’re hoping to create your dream kitchen in a remodel, here are a few celebrity kitchen design ideas to reference as you plan!

James Corden

Be as shocked as you want, but the Carpool Karaoke star knows how to design one stellar kitchen. Wood – wood everywhere. It’s absolutely stunning. If you’re taking inspo notes from celebrity kitchens, this an amazing place to start. Corden’s kitchen’s shining features are the high gloss hardwood floors, exposed wood ceilings, and even more wood on the counters. Somehow none of the wood matches, but still complements one another so well. If you’re in the market for a kitchen redesign that really showcases the natural beauty of wood, we recommend looking up this kitchen for a beautiful jumping off point.

Kelly Clarkson

Located in Tennessee, Clarkson’s kitchen is where farmhouse meets elegance beyond compare. There is more cabinet space than most of us would dare to dream about, all built out of a wood that is beautifully cool in tone without feeling sterile. In addition to the gorgeous cabinets, you can find some open-faced shelving units flanking windows, which is perfect for visually opening up the room, taking advantage of every little bit of space, and give you the room you need to display some of your more aesthetic wares. Above her seated counters sit a beautiful and modern chandelier made of metal and glass, and it couldn’t do a better job pulling the place together. If you love the farmhouse vibe, look no further than this kitchen for inspiration.

Sandra Bullock

Although this home is located in West Hollywood, it looks like it must be in the heart of a vacation bungalow. There are a few things we really love about this kitchen. The first is using the extra storage between the highest shelves and the ceiling to showcase a variety of plants – the greenery really brings the kitchen to life. The second is her elongated dining table that comes straight off the stunning kitchen island – it’s the perfect set-up for entertaining and keeping everyone together. Finally, the all-white cabinets and walls contrasting with the dark countertops is a perfect combination for a high impact statement. For those who want to enjoy a host-friendly and relaxing cooking space, Bullock’s artfully designed kitchen is a perfect example.

Michael Bay

Although the action director may not be an immediate thought when it comes to inspiration for cooking spaces, the fact that it’s an edgy modern space is likely no surprise. In fact, downright futuristic may be a better word to describe Bay’s kitchen. Bay combines an open floor concept with a closed off kitchen by placing two walls of a fairly traditional height at a right angle in the middle of a giant room with vaulted ceilings. Not everyone has the luxury of high ceilings, but if you do, this is a very dramatic and visually intriguing approach. In addition to the novel layout, bright whites and stainless steel run the show, including brushed metallic bar stools. With just a touch of warm woods to bring a bit of balance to the picture, this is a stunning place for anyone who loves a fashion forward home to emulate.

Cameron Diaz

If you like your living space bold, look to Diaz for some serious inspiration. Cited as her favorite place to hang out during the day, we can see why – deep green painted cabinets on every wall immediately set a dramatic and edgy, but unexpectedly classic mood. The gold borders on the green cabinets pulls them in perfectly with the golden metal that she uses for both the counters and the backsplash. Virtually the entire kitchen is done in these two tones – a deep emerald green and a rich warm gold – which offers a wealth of ideas for anyone seeking to capture a rich and moody vibe in their home’s kitchen.

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