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Best Kitchen Colors for 2019

Many people love a classic vibe in their home ‚ which comes with some great advantages. Traditional and classic styles often stand the test of time, and have a wide range of appeal ‚ but there is something truly stunning about a modern home ‚ most especially the kitchen. We’ve likely all looked in magazines and eyeballed a gorgeous kitchen that seems so modern it‚s almost in the future (and beyond our reach), but the feel of owning a beautiful modern marvel of your own is a feeling worth pursuing. So, when it comes to choosing the colors for your kitchen, we‚re here to help you decide how can you bring the newest feel into your home with the dawn of the new year!

Richness Rules

The all-white trends of recent years are beautiful, for good reason, but they are also on the way out. Instead of a sterile white consider going for a dose of drama. Bring in the mood and emotion with rich darks offset with sparse, creamy lights ‚ like in your counters or other accent areas ‚ to really set a stage. Consider dark cabinets, rich wall colors, light counters, or some combination thereof to bring an intensity to your home that is sure to stun anyone who visits.

Matte is Where It’s At

Matte has been on the rise recently, and while trends often start in safe, small places‚ like a manicure‚ before sweeping into the more important aspects of life ‚ the time is now, and you can feel confident implementing them into your home. Not only does matte bring a bold look to absolutely any color palette, it‚s also easier to keep clean! Consider sticking with your favorite colors, but don‚t be afraid to bring the matte aesthetic into the mix for a truly modern look.

Bold and Bright

Stainless steel is moving out of style, and boldness is entering the picture in a big way. Instead of stainless steel appliances, consider bright pops or bold patterns. If that‚s a little extreme for your tastes, try unexpected neutral tones with a modern design to pair with some of the above styling suggestions.

Gold & Black

If you‚re the type who would rather have more specific recommendations than abstract vibes and feels, here is a great one: gold and black. The combination is pretty grand and can lead to punch of drama without too much complicated thought. You can also easily substitute gold for copper or brass, if you want a slightly warmer look. We suggest looking for black cabinets with gold knobs, a black stove with gold handles, and perhaps a white or cream backsplash and counter to even out the mix. Plus, it‚s easy to add accessories into the room while keeping the focus on your beautiful appliances and hardware.

Your home is an exciting place‚ it’s yours to make your own and there is every bit of reason to desire an environment reflective of your personality and the times you live in! With a little research, a lot of creativity, and a ton of excitement, the world is truly your oyster when it comes to making your home the perfect world for you to live in.

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