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Designing a farmhouse kitchen – starting with farmhouse cabinets

Farmhouse cabinets are growing in popularity and are the starting point for many kitchen makeovers. There are a few elements that can make a kitchen really stand out and it depends on what kind of theme you want to go with. The farmhouse style is basically a wooden and organic inspired style that’s a classic in American homes.

Over the years, the style has developed in multiple ways, including different colours, styles and themes. However, the minimalistic appeal and the connection to natural colours always brings the home decorators towards this style. You can combine this style with other themes to create a fusion look, as well as stay true to its roots and keep the theme light and pearl-focused.

Planning the farmhouse kitchen
When designing a farmhouse kitchen, we can think about exposed wood beams a farmhouse-rustic light fixture, or wooden cabinets. We can start to really plan out how the kitchen will look with an all-farmhouse appearance. The kitchen can either remain minimalistic or have a palette-design relationship, where a single colour can take lead over the base of the farmhouse. The basic idea is to make sure that you’re picking the right colours and themes for your kitchen.
Since the cabinets are the first feature of a great kitchen, you want to start there. As soon as you’ll start hosting guests for lunch and dinner, their eyes will naturally gravitate towards your cabinets. That’s why you need to make sure that you have cabinets that are functional, aesthetic and theme-oriented. Going a bit more rustic is the right approach when you have a farmhouse theme in mind. With a farmhouse cabinet, there are many colour options, wood options and hardware designs that you can go for, before making the final decision. Talk to the experts at The Cabinet Centre, who can help you pick the right ones, and guide you through the entire journey of selecting the right cabinets.

Colours and designs
You should try the aesthetic classic or quartz and wood to give it a charming and elegant look. Kitchen cabinets can be any colour you please, but selecting complementary colours really makes it worth the investment. This white quartz and deep wood look gives your counters more length and space, as it gives your home a natural feeling. It’s a great combination for functional kitchens as well, as they’re generally oriented towards rustic aesthetics.

Planning fixtures and lighting
Now that you’ve chosen the pattern and colour you love, you can go with the right fixtures and wooden beams to complete the look. Wooden beans are a must when it comes to designing the perfect farmhouse kitchen. They’ve become increasingly popular over the years and have been a part of many farmhouse kitchens. Complementary rustic light fixtures add the cherry to the cake, as they build and added sense of design and aesthetics. You can play around in this area and pick the perfect combination that suits your design needs.

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