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Easy Kitchen Renovation Ideas of 2019

New year, new you, new kitchen. There’s no better way to celebrate exciting trends and upgrades than implementing them into your life, and your home is one of the most exciting places of your life to do so. Upgrades are always a fun change, and most of the time they add value to your home as well, so you know it’s a smart place to put your money. Plus, there’s no better mood booster than walking into a kitchen that you absolutely adore. If you’re ready to bring the best of 2019 into your home, here are some easy kitchen renovation ideas that you can implement.

Copper Accents
Copper is in – and in a big way, too. The best thing about ‘accents’ is that they can really be anything! Add some copper into your cooking world by doing a simple swap on your cabinet hardware – knobs and pulls are a great way to go – or just purchase some small pieces of copper decor to go on your counter space. Another great idea is a hanging pot rack with copper pots and pans on display – functional and gorgeous!

No More White
The sterile white phase was fun while it lasted, but it’s over now. The great news is that if you currently have a bright white kitchen, it’s so easy to add some drama. Dark floors and light surfaces are in – so just add some new flooring and accents and you’ll be right back in the game. Maybe you could refinish your cabinets with some color, or add a statement backsplash. Your kitchen will feel brand new in no time!

Clutter-Free Counter Spaces
Minimalism is in, how often is it that you use new and exciting trends as an excuse to declutter? Instead of well assorted odds and ends, say hello to maximizing your counter space and offering a visually sleek and clean modern kitchen.

Unique Sinks
Swapping sinks is a much less intense upgrade than many other remodel projects, which is great because unique sinks are in. Farmhouse sinks and traditional stainless steel were all the rage, but now it’s time to get your hands on something fun and funky!

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