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How you can design an eco-friendlier kitchen

2018 has been all about saving the environment, and that hasn’t been truer more than today. Families across the country are turning towards greener alternatives to kitchen remodelling and are suggesting it to their friends and families. That’s where you come in. You can design the perfect eco-kitchen without breaking the bank or investing too much. Greener alternatives cost almost the same and have a similar lifespan than some of the more traditional materials and structures.

Going Formaldehyde-free
You can spruce up your kitchen by installing formaldehyde-free cabinets in your kitchen. Green kitchen cabinets, available at The Cabinet Center, can improve the health of your family and the environment as well. Formaldehyde releases fumes that could go unnoticed for years before they create significant damage to our health.
It’s a known carcinogen and must be kept in safe compartments at all times. To be on the safer side of the road, you should avoid any cabinet that has formaldehyde or similar carcinogens in them. It’s always a good idea to speak to the specialists who can provide more information when it comes to this toxic material.

Low-VOC finishes
Cabinets that don’t have a VOC finish are a safer option to choose from. This is because they don’t contain volatile organic compounds that can emit fumes in the home. Since a lot of the homes in the country have indoor heating and cooling, those fumes can create a massive environmental problem. You should find finishes that specifically state no-VOC or water-based ones that are safe for cabinet finishes.
These chemicals will protect your family’s health for years to come and provide a much-needed green impact at the local level. Try to find the Green Seal or GreenGuard — two industry-independent organizations, so that you can make your mind up about these compounds.

Eco-friendly wood veneer
Veneer is a slice of wood adhered to the main element so that there is a look and feel of wood but not an excessive amount of it. It’s the perfect way to get the look that you wanted without breaking the bank with expensive wood. Veneer on cabinets can also be problematic from an environmental point of view, and that’s why it’s important to select eco-friendly or green cabinets. It’s an often-neglected area of eco-friendly positives but ensuring that your veneers are high quality is a good idea.

Using renewable materials
Things like Bamboo, which is a popular renewable material is a good idea when trying to become greener. It’s naturally stronger and harder than most wood options, and it can give your home an exotic feeling. Bamboo goes well with all corners of the house and is available at The Cabinet Center. The experts at The Cabinet Center can help you get the best of bamboo cabinets so that you can create a more environmentally friendly kitchen and home.

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