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Kitchen Design Elements That Age Well

The decision to remodel your kitchen is an exciting one, but also an intimidating one. It can be difficult to choose between something trendy and something timeless, especially when this era’s latest fads are honestly more aesthetic and tempting than ever. But, it’s easy to wonder if you choose something more ‘modern’, whether or not you’ll end up regretting it later – especially when it comes time to sell. We can’t quite answer that for you, but we can offer a few suggestions on kitchen design elements that are sure to age well, which can always be paired with accessories and decor that feel a bit more trendy.

White as a staple color
White is a classic for a reason, and you’re much more likely to grow tired of bold colors than you will with an inoffensive white. Plus, the best part about white is that it can be dressed up or down as much as you want. Keep the staple aspects of your kitchen, like cabinets and counters, a nice shade of white or off-white, then feel free to accessorize with all the color you want. That way, if you want to refresh your kitchen down the road, you only have to replace your hand towels instead of your entire backsplash.

Extra deep drawers
These are a great feature that add a small dose of visual intrigue, but aren’t so noticeable that they would ever really be ‘in’ or ‘out’. What will always be in, however, is ample storage – which these most assuredly offer. The best places to put extra deep drawers are near your range, which puts all your most useful cooking tools within easy reach.

Wood floors
Hardwood floors immediately bring a warm and welcoming atmosphere into the kitchen, and you don’t need to worry about classic woods going out of style, as opposed to fun tile patterns. Plus, hardwood floors are incredibly easy to work with from a design perspective, so you shouldn’t have too many challenges decorating the rest of the room.

Use integrated appliances
This may be a more modern trend but that’s because integrated appliances weren’t as widely available in eras gone by. Clutter is never in vogue, and the more you are able to build into your kitchen’s bones, the less you will have to worry about it. Plus, integrated appliances make everything infinitely more accessible and more beautiful to look at – a major pro when it comes to enjoying the kitchen yourself, or marketing it when it’s time to sell the home.

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