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Kitchen Trends for 2019

Redesigning your home is an exciting venture ‚ it’s a reflection of you, and you are a reflection of your time and experiences. For that reason (and many more!), there’s something really great about an interior aesthetic that encompasses your individuality and the era into one beautiful whole package. When it comes to bringing your home into 2019, there are several design approaches you can take that finds that perfect combination of being true to time while ‚ more importantly ‚ being true to you!

Mindful Minimalism

Minimalism takes your focus off the place and puts it onto the present. Bringing those values into your designing approach to your home can help you implement them comprehensively into your mindset. An easy start is to remove clutter on surfaces. But when it comes to taking it into your remodel, consider eliminating molding, heavy finishes, and bold accessories. Instead, embrace clean surfaces, clean lines, and clean faces on your cabinets and appliances.

Mix and Match

Instead of purchasing an entire aesthetic out of a matching set in a home d√©cor magazine ‚ consider juxtaposing themes and pieces to bring a boldness to your space. From cabinets to flooring to wall colors, try going for a wider and more inclusive theme, like jewel-tones, or contrasting styles, or expressive accessories to add a serious pop. This gives you so much more control over what you like because it really takes you out of a designing pigeonhole ‚ if you like it, get it!

Grids, Grids, Grids

Modernity is often shiny and clean, and grids are the epitome of straight lines and order. Consider finding a colorful backsplash with a grid pattern or bringing the same pattern into your counter tops with a contrasting grout to modernize the look. There is something very satisfying about symmetry, and grids can easily implement that into nearly any space. In a more accessible way, consider veneers for surfaces you want to change without ripping everything out and starting from scratch ‚ there‚s a place to implement grids no matter what your commitment level to change is!

Try Traditional

We don‚t mean ‚ classic‚ ‚ after all, we want to bring your kitchen into 2019 ‚ but, a romantic aesthetic is making a comeback: the traditional English kitchen. Take your imagination to the beautiful English countryside when you wake up every morning and enjoy your breakfast in your stunning English kitchen. Cream-colored woods, beautiful moldings, and a flare for function will really take your kitchen back while also bringing it forward with this stunning resurgence of a charming old look in modern times.

There are so many designing aesthetics that we are sure to see more of in 2019, so we can nearly guarantee it would be impossible not to find a look you love and a feel that is a true reflection of your taste. Plus, you‚re sure to stun guests with such a mindfully decorated entertaining space. And designing it yourself gives you all the flexibility you need to make sure everything that matters to you is exactly where it counts most ‚ your dream home.

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