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Signs That Your Kitchen Needs Remodeling

Almost every homeowner has dreams of making some improvements to their house, and in many of those cases it is a “someday, someday” type of notion. It’s easy to put a remodel on the backburner time and time again because you can always get to it later, right? That may be the case for a while, but in some instances your kitchen finds a way of saying “enough is enough” and moving it to the top of your priority list – here are a few signs that your kitchen is in need of a remodel.

Leaks and mold
One leak is one thing, and an isolated mold incident can happen – but if these are in any way recurring: it’s time. Leaking and molding means old plumbing, and it’s a danger to your health. There’s really nothing to debate on this one: your kitchen needs an upgraded interior.

High energy bills

High energy bills are par for the course when it comes to outdated technology. If you’re using an old refrigerator and an old oven and an old stove – it adds up. Why pay a premium monthly bill for a kitchen you want to upgrade anyway? The new appliances are sure to bring down your monthly energy bill, and you’ll love your kitchen more, too.

Breaking cabinets
If one cabinet breaks it’s fixable, but if multiple break it’s time for a replacement. Don’t wait to come home and find half your plate sets and glasses broken on the floor with some faulty cabinets to blame. Instead, find a cabinet set you love and make the replacement before catastrophe strikes.

Permanently dirty countertops
If no amount of cleaning solution or elbow grease will bring the shine back to your counters, it means the layers have worn down beyond repair. It happens eventually to many materials, but it definitely means it’s time to fix your counters. Plus, you have so many more options to choose from than ever before, and most of them will last much, much longer, too.

Unpractical layout
Floor plan trends come and go, but as a whole we’ve also made improvements in functionality that are here to stay. If your kitchen is from a long-gone era that missed out on the benefits of more efficient planning, it’s time to get your kitchen up to speed so you actually enjoy using it.

You don’t like it
Do you need a better reason? They say kitchens sell houses, so any upgrades you make are sure to positively impact your home’s equity. Why not get ahead of schedule and upgrade now before you sell so that you can actually love your kitchen while you live in the home? Everyone deserves to love their kitchen, and it’s also a major pro knowing that it’s also an investment in your future.

A remodel is an exciting time, and even if it’s not coming exactly when you planned it, there are opportunities to make big improvements on nearly any budget. If you’re not sure where the best place to start may be, we are happy to answer any questions and point you in the right direction!

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