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Why Summer is the Best Time to Remodel Your Kitchen

The prospect of a remodel is an exciting one, but the thought of scheduling your house to be torn apart is a little daunting. It’s hard to describe any time as ‘ideal’ for such an undertaking. With a little planning, you can minimize the impact on your life and hopefully maximize savings. If an improvement project is in your future, you should look at your summer as an opportune time to give your home a new look.

Better Weather
Rain can get in the way of plenty of contract work, especially anything that may expose your home to the elements. Instead of rescheduling work days due to inclement weather conditions, working in the summer season guarantees a lot more working weather. There are also more daylight hours throughout the summer. You’ll get better natural light which is critical for any projects that require paint or work with color. It won’t send your crew packing up early like it will when the sun goes down in the winter afternoons. Together, these variables can expedite your project timetable considerably.

Scheduling a Contractor
For many contractors, fall is the busy season. Families are back from vacation, settling into their school routine, and getting ready for the holidays. During the summer, they’re more likely to be out enjoying the warm weather and putting off the remodel until a more “business as usual” time of year. Depending on your work and family schedule, summer can often be an easier time to schedule things. By being flexible and planning to move your timetable up a season, you’re more likely to find a contractor with time on their calendar. You might even get a better rate since the demand for work isn’t as high.

Fewer Disruptions
Scheduling your remodel for the summer can result in less disruptions to your life. First of all, you’ll be able to guarantee any work will be completed before the holiday season. Nobody wants a dirty or hectic house for Thanksgiving dinner. Depending on what projects are scheduled, you may need to pack and move the contents of entire rooms. You’ll have more time to put everything back together before the school and holiday season switches into full gear. If you have projects where you and your contractor don’t feel you need to be physically present, it will be easier to skip town for a few days to escape dust and noise while enjoying a mini summer vacation.

The summer may not seem like an obvious choice for getting those remodeling projects going, but in many ways, it is the best possible time of year to get them done! Ease of scheduling and long days means a quicker and more pleasant process for everyone. A remodel is an exciting time no matter when you do it. If you schedule during the summer, you’ll definitely be thanking yourself when the holidays roll around and you are enjoying them from your beautifully improved home.

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