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San Mateo: Bathroom Remodelling

With San Mateo houses going for a modern-chic look, the interiors have to match the furniture. Most of the kitchen interiors are going modern as well, with San Mateo residents playing around with white and dark mahogany interiors. Kitchen fittings, décor, cabinets and counter-tops are mostly remodelled every few years, to keep the overall look fresh and unique. San Mateo locals have a penchant for all things design and want to go for the best kitchen cabinets and fittings. They don’t compromise on quality and prefer lighter tones over bolder ones.

Bathroom Remodelling

Bathroom remodelling requires a lot of manual work and precise planning. If you’re looking for the best way to remodel your bathroom, then hiring a professional is a good idea. A contractor can help in bringing your vision to life and can provide key insights to you that you may not have considered. However, if it’s a small remodelling project then you can go ahead and roll up your sleeves. You can prepare several outlines and maps on a sheet of paper and share ideas with friends and family.

Defining and outlining

Bathrooms are unique in that they are functional as well as aesthetic. You need to have a good balance between cost and functionality. If you choose a bathroom remodelling design that is too “out-there”, then it might seem like its out of place. If you select something that’s too bland, then you might fall into the “boring-trap”. You need to be able to sketch out the specifics, including the area and dimensions, and at the same time outline what you need to change in the bathroom. Maybe you want to install a jacuzzi, or a new shower head. Mapping the entire thing in your mind and on paper is a good idea.


The best time to think about budgeting is after you’ve done the entire mapping and outlining of your bathroom remodelling project. You will have to choose the appropriate materials, compounds, and timelines for installation. You can change the tiles to match the sink, or vice versa – depending on your budget. Life becomes a lot easier if you start with a budget and then have a 20% flexible zone. If you fall in love with a certain motif or design, then you should go for it. Because you’ll probably remodel your bathroom once every few years, you should go for something that appeals to you.

Be Creative

Being creative isn’t about choosing the best design or the best theme for your bathroom. It’s all about being creative in problem solving. E.g. if your sink doesn’t fit in with the rest of the bathroom, can consider changing the wall colour to balance out the two tones. Or if you haven’t given much thought to mirrors, then you can always leave a tile-design in its place. It will look great and will serve as a great placeholder. You can choose to go for any of the creative ideas that you envision as long as its in the budget.

Project Management

Project management isn’t easy. It involves a lot of back-n-forth and it has many challenges that you must overcome. It has a sense of pain and reward about it – meaning that the more effort you put in and the more questions you ask from the contractor the more you get in return. You need to be sure that what you’re installing in your bathroom gets installed correctly and within the allocated timeframe. There is a tendency to sit back and relax as the work is being done but you must take charge and manage it through and through.


Unlike the living room, the bathroom is a space for privacy and comfort. You need to ensure that whatever installations, sinks, showers, fittings or tiles you’re considering must have a good finish. The bathroom should look like it was designed by Michelangelo himself, in order to truly reap the rewards of your work. Who doesn’t love compliments?



Bathroom, San Mateo


March 6, 2018

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