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Smart Bathrooms Are Becoming a Hit Across The Planet

Smart Bathrooms Are Becoming a Hit

According to research, 77% of home buyers are looking for a smart bathroom. They use modern technologies to make time in a bathroom more appealing and better in any way possible. Bathroom Remodel can allow you to get all of the advantages, easily and cost-effectively. But, you will have to know which tech is now the most desirable.

Sophisticated toilets

A Master Bathroom will definitely have to come with high-end toilets. They don’t use toilet paper but have sprayers with sensors which control the temperature. Additional sensors are used to open/close lids and self-cleaning features are now standard. All of this means that your toilet will be just perfect. In addition, toilets with these specs are already popular across Asia.

Modern faucets

A bathroom without them won’t be as desirable. A Master bathroom remodel should always come with advanced faucets. They have a few options, but the most popular ones include temperature control, by which sensors which will turn off the faucet in case hands are not under it, showcasing touchless technology. Additionally, some models come with color shifting feature. They shift the color of the water in a fascinating display.

Bathtubs from the past

Perhaps it sounds confusing, so let us explain. These bathtubs are smaller, they are located in the middle of a bathroom and they are different than the ones you have at the moment. Yes, they look like they came from the 80s. However, they are loaded with clever features. Superior showers, jets which massage you and lighting which adjusts colors are all implemented. Rectangular bathtubs are the biggest hit at the moment! Let’s also not forget bathtubs which are made from copper or they look like they have been carved out of stone.

LCD shower panels

If you are not interested in a bathtub, you will need a shower. A modern shower will come with an LCD panel. Bathroom designers install them due to better practicality and even better looks. Users can control the temperature, water flow, and additional lighting, all from a single panel. They are more than just affordable and practical, they make the entire bathroom look much more appealing and much better than you would expect.

Waterproof TVs

Nowadays, most of the gadgets are waterproof or at least can withstand splashes. TVs in the modern bathroom are one of the gadgets you will want to own. The sizes will vary, so will the process, but it is priceless being able to watch your favorite TV show in the bathroom while taking a shower. There is no need in telling you that a bathtub is a desirable addition in this case. It simply makes the entire experience better.


If you decide to load your bathroom with these gadgets and improvements you will be a proud owner of the best bathroom you can imagine. The end result will be a smile on your face each time you get in or get out a bathroom. Yes, you will probably spend more time than usual inside.

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