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The Cabinet Center / Blog  / 5 Minor Tips for Cupboard Organization That Make a Major Impact

5 Minor Tips for Cupboard Organization That Make a Major Impact

When it comes to remodeling or renovating our home, some of us need a big change without a big budget. If you find yourself struggling with limited or poorly designed storage areas, it’s only natural to want to make improvements. The good news is, you don’t need to buy an entirely new set of cabinets to make that a reality. Instead, try these five minor tips for your cupboard organization that are sure to make a big impact.

Adjust your shelves
This one is simple, subtle, and not always something people realize they can do. Most cabinet shelves are not set at a fixed height, and instead use brackets (or something similar) that allow you to move the shelves up and down. This is a perfect first step to get more space, as you can reduce empty inches sitting above your glasses or mugs and make better use of them on a different shelf.

Use a lazy susan in cabinet corners
Lazy susans are a great detail to add to cabinets that sit on a corner, because those areas can be some of the hardest to access. That leads to chaos and wasted space occupied by small appliances or other objects fallen over and laying every which way. By placing a lazy susan there, you’ll be able to keep everything organized, maximize every inch, all while making it more accessible.

Place organizers on the door
The most important thing will be to make sure you can still close your cabinets where you place them, but placing a pocket or hook on the inside of cabinet doors can give you more options for small items. This is a great place to put tiny packets that otherwise get mixed in and mess up your organization, or hang tiny tools like measuring spoons and similar items.

Shelf inserts
You can get small inserts that act as miniature shelves, and they can nearly double your storage space if you can’t adjust your shelf to work in the way you need. They’re also useful if you need to simply make things more visible and accessible, and they can help you avoid stacking – the stacks always start out nice, but they nearly always get less organized as time goes on.

Decorate with your essentials
Try mounting a cute rod and use hooks to hang your spoons, potholders, and other small items. Or, hang your strainer on a hook, and hang your apron from the strainer to make a cute vertical decoration that’s also functional. Save money on decor and keep your essentials handy by using your cute and charming kitchen tools to decorate your space.

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