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Bathroom cabinet options for 2018

Have you been thinking about renovating your bathroom for a long time? Well 2018 might be your year! With more options for design, décor, and feel, bathroom cabinets are taking over as the trend of the year. There are so many beautiful cabinet designs and materials that anyone can take over as a décor expert for their homes. Open shower, sober, pale tile, wooden cabinets, Italian cabinets, etc. all make up some of the hottest trends we’ve seen burgeoning in 2018.

A bathroom isn’t just a place for hygiene, it’s a place where you start your day. You spend at least an hour every morning in this part of the house, and it should reflect how you truly feel about yourself. You want to go for something bright and welcoming, instead of staying happy with old and worn out cabinets. Remodelling your bathroom can make you feel great and be more alive!
Here are some great bathroom cabinet options that are becoming popular in 2018 –

1. Two-Toned Bathroom Cabinets – It doesn’t get easier than this. Two tones instantly add charisma and style to your bathrooms. When going for a certain look or “feel” for your bathrooms, you can try to add two complementary tones to create a feeling of wow! Two tones not only break the monotony of the bathroom cabinets, they also give the whole bathroom a sense of “taste”.

2. Flat-Styled Cabinets – Flat styled cabinets are unique, in that they are elegant, stylish and very minimalistic. It’s an excellent choice for modern contemporary bathrooms, that are typically constructed of wood or laminate. They really make your bathrooms feel like you’re in a lodge or wooden palace. They come in a wider range of colours and designs, and never go out of fashion. You can contact our experts at Tri-Valley: 925-855-0470 Peninsula: 650-654-3101 to get started!

3. Bead-board Cabinets – Bead-boards are very chic and a niche option for bathroom cabinets. They’re used as a decorative wall option, as they’re known more for aesthetic rather than functionality. They’re beautiful, come in a variety of options and accents.

4. Shaker Style Cabinets – Shaker style cabinets are one of the more common styles to go for in 2018, as they’re highly utilitarian. They’re highly versatile, come in a variety of shapes and colours, and balance traditional and contemporary looks for your bathroom. They never go out of fashion, and similar to most modern kitchens they are a great pallet for you to paint your dream kitchen.

5. Inset Style – Inset cabinets are quite unique, in that their precision design and craftsmanship make them very different. The drawers and headers are expensive in the market, but their luxurious quality makes them a durable product that’s ready for 2018. Go for white or pearl colours for your bathroom inset style cabinets, as they tend to make everything classier.

6. Thermofoil Cabinets – Thermofoil cabinets are those who love the “luxury-hotel” feeling. If bathrooms that “pop” are your go-to desire for bathroom remodelling, then Thermofoil cabinet styles are a great option. They’re budget-friendly and are surprisingly easy to clean, with multiple options and designs.

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