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Getting Your Kitchen Organized for Outdoor Cooking BBQs

It’s that time of year again when cooking outdoors can be nearly an every-weekend occurrence, as it should be to have the most fun with family and friends. With that, it may be time to reorganize your kitchen to help make the process of outdoor cooking and barbeques run smoother, and be more enjoyable. The kitchen is one of the most used areas of your home, so here are some tips to getting it organized for outdoor cooking and fun at barbeques.

Clean House: The best place to start is with a little summer cleaning to prepare for reorganization. Empty out all of your cabinets and shelves, so you can give them a proper scrub down while also leaving you with options and possibilities to reorganize. As you’re taking everything out, take the opportunity to go through what you do or don’t need anymore (and maybe find some fun new items to add to your shopping list).

Separate Into Groups: Once everything is out in the open, put together a list of what you’ll need for outdoor cooking and barbeques. Having all of your outdoor cooking items together will help you know the amount of space you’ll need for storing all of these items together for convenience and accessibility.

Placement: When you have all of your outdoor cooking items together, it’ll be easier to figure out where they should be placed as their new home in your kitchen. Consider putting these items closest to your yard door so everything is close to your outdoor cooking area. Or, if you prefer to prep indoors, keep things close to your main countertop station and refrigerator so you can easily grab your cooking tools and fresh ingredients.

Organizing Tool: Cabinet dividers can be a great addition to use in bigger cabinets, as it will help you break down your organized groups even more. If needed, consider getting clear stackable tupperware to house your outdoor cooking utensils, while keeping it easier than ever to see what’s inside. Spice racks or a lazy Susan are also great tools to easily keep all of your outside spices and rubs organized and in one place. Plus, storing items vertically can make the most efficient use of your space if you have a smaller kitchen. Finally, try a cooking caddy – they’re unbelievably convenient when it comes to moving quickly between the kitchen and the backyard.

The summer and fall months feature the perfect weather for outside cooking and family barbeques. Not only is it important to have all the necessary tools and items you’ll need for a stress-free cooking experience, but it’ll feel great to know your kitchen is clean and organized to make outdoor cooking as easy and enjoyable as possible.



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