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Meeting with a Designer – A List of Things to Have

When you’re in the beginning stages of a renovation, remodel, or new build in your home, the many potential prospects and possibilities can be incredibly exciting. Meeting with the designer who is going to bring your dreams to life is a major first milestone on your journey, and there is a lot of potential to see all the directions you can take your vision. In order to get the most out of your first meeting, you’ll want to prepare as best as possible and have any information they may need. Here is a great place to start for what things to have when planning to meet with your designer for the first time.

Information about your home
If you have it handy, the more you can share with the designer about your current home, the better you’ll be able to move further along in the designing process. Blueprints would be fantastic if you plan on making major changes, but even just photos and basic measurements will go a long way for an introductory meeting. There may be a need for additional materials farther down the road, but for the first meeting the basics should still help you make a lot of progress.

Materials inspiring your vision
These different sources of inspiration may be straight off Pinterest or in a home magazine, or it could be photos of your best friend’s kitchen or a screenshot of a scene in a movie. No matter where you are picking up your inspiration and building your vision from, the better of a picture you are able to paint for your designer, the more progress they will be able to make to get you from where you are to where you want to be. This, combined with materials showing your current home, should be able to help you and your designer come up with a basic plan for next steps.

Ask what they would like you to bring
Although there are definitely some great things you can prepare in advance based on the advice of the internet, the first best place to start is with your designer. Reach out to them by phone or email and see if there’s anything in particular that would best help them do their job. This may entail any number of resources related to your current home, or points of reference to help them better understand your vision for the work ahead. They’ll know what they need to jump straight into the project and share your excitement with you.

An open mind
Even if you think you have your vision completely dialed, at least be open to hearing new ideas. Your designer is the expert and professional, so you never know what unexpectedly amazing ideas he or she may bring to the table based on your current ideas. Best case scenario, you’re introduced to a concept you would never have otherwise considered, and worst case scenario, your designer learns more about your personal likes and dislikes, which is still a very important part of the process that will help you bring the home of your dreams into a stunning reality.

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