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Trending Paint Colors for 2020

One of the easiest ways to update your home is with a fresh coat of paint. Adding a new color to your walls is a low-cost and wise investment that can make a striking change to a room. Another great feature of painting is that it’s an easy fix, so you can update your home as color trends change over the years.

The trending paint colors of 2020 are a mix of old classics and stunning new shades, so you have a total cornucopia of choices if you are ready to make a change to your home this year. Whether your style is contemporary, stark or elaborate, 2020 paint colors have something you will want to consider.

Classic Blue and Saturated Blue are shades that we are starting to see in homes everywhere in 2020. These colors and dependable and stable, but also dreamy and restful, giving us a sense of tranquility in a busy world.

One of the most popular paint choices of 2020 is White on White. This might seem like an uninspiring choice, but if done correctly, white set against clean, modern whites, can provide a calmness and depth to your room. Another way to use a clean White is to contrast it with Black. These two colors paired together bring a dramatic affect and yet remains enduring.

Pastels are still very popular, and pink continues to shine! Millennial Pink (a mix of salmon and gray) has been around for a few years now, and is coming into its own. For people who grew up between 1981 and 1996, this pink is so adored, it was named after the generation who treasure its hues. Not your cup of tea? Try Living Coral or Rose Quart, colors that still feel modern when you combine the room with warmer jewel tones.

Burnt Orange or Orange Apricot adds a spark of color to any space. If you want orange on your walls, this shade helps add warmth and comfort to a room. When it is used as an accent, it blends well with blues and grays, which are still very popular in 2020. Clay Terracotta paint continues to be very fashionable into the new decade, as well as classic masculine colors like Saddle Brown and Hunter Green. These hues are always timeless and elegant, and never go out of style!

Colors like Cobalt Blue, Kelly Green, or even Teal Green can bring enough color all by themselves. When it comes to colors that have been unexpectedly popular, we’re definitely seeing a trend toward rich, moody hues as we move into this new decade. By embracing rich, saturated Blue and Green colors that change depending on the time of day and light in your room, you can create an open yet attention-grabbing area.

Color has the ability to transform a room, so be sure and take your time to find what feels right for you to make the changes you want in your home, so that the end result provides you with something that gives you pleasure going forward.

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