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What Are the Best Types of Wood for Cabinetry

The decision to upgrade your kitchen is a big one, and it’s an exciting one, too. In addition to being able to truly enjoy the home of your dreams, you can also feel great knowing it’s an investment in your home. Kitchens have one of the most significant impacts on resale values when it comes time to sell – it’s also where you spend the most time entertaining friends and family. When it comes to impact, the three biggest components in any kitchen are the floors, counters, and cabinets. All of these have special considerations since they’re walked on, chopped on, and filled to the brim with the things you love. When it comes to your cabinets in particular, here are the best types of wood for cabinetry so you can love the look while trusting the investment.

Maple, Hickory, Oak, Cherry, and Ash
When it comes to picking a wood, you want to consider durability above all else. Structurally, your cabinets need to hold a lot (a lot) of weight. It may not seem like any big task to hold some plates, but the weight of all your plates, bowls, glassware, serving dishes, pitchers, and anything else stored in your cabinets adds up very quickly. The last thing anybody wants is cabinet failure, which can happen with improper installments or when the integrity of the cabinets themselves are compromised.  Additionally, you want your cabinets to look good, which means being resistant to scratching. Just like your structural needs, this calls for a more durable material. Hickory and maple are among the hardest of the wood species, meaning they will hold up through the wear and tear a kitchen demands, all while still looking great. Similarly, cherry offers beautiful rich colors and intricate grain patterns that can also stand the demands of the kitchen. All of these woods are excellent choices, and are sure to look beautiful over many years.

Beech, Birch, and Red or White Oak
These woods fall into the medium price range for cabinet materials. The graining can be variable, so if you want straighter grains as seen in white oak, it will cost a bit more than its red oak counterpart. That being said, you’ll find they are more widely available than the above examples, which also means they are more affordable, while still being hardwoods and excellent candidates for a durable cabinet material. If you’re planning on staining these woods, you’ll want to do your research because birch needs to be prepared in advance, whereas oak is more likely to stain evenly. The more you communicate your vision with your cabinet professional, the better we are able to make sure you get a product that best fits your needs.

Fir, Pine, and Spruce Softwoods
These woods are softer than the examples given above, which may make them more prone to scratching and imperfections, but they are still strong enough to be reliable choices for cabinets. Although they may not bring the aesthetic perfection you’re more likely to see in hardwoods, they offer their own charm that is commonly desired in cottages and country homes. Especially if you have children, the two best strategies when it comes to wood in the home is to pick something durable enough to resist damage, or varied and distressed enough that the damage blends right in. For many reasons, these are excellent and long-lasting choices that make your dream kitchen a reality.

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