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Why Spending The Extra Dollars On High Quality Countertops Is Worth It

When it comes to your home, nothing makes a bigger impact than the kitchen. They say it’s the heart of the home, but consider how true this really is – you spend social time with your friends and family in the kitchen, you spend more time with guests in the kitchen and living areas than other areas of the home, and when it comes time to resell, the kitchen affects the market value the most. For this reason, your kitchen is an investment – and, it’s something you should feel proud of showing to those who see it. When designing your kitchen, the cabinets, the floors, and counters come together to create the big picture, and the smaller details fill in the rest to complete the aesthetic. Choosing these three ‘big ticket items’ is a big decision, but the counters in particular have special demands – they take a beating daily through cooking, chopping, cleaning, and enjoying your life – which is why spending the extra dollars on high quality materials is worth the splurge.

Durability is one of the most important variables to consider when selecting the right countertop material for your lifestyle and your home. Certain countertop materials may look beautiful, but not hold up as well over time (such as marble), while others may be inexpensive, but need to be replaced more frequently (such as laminate). When it comes to holding up well over long periods of time, it can be well worth spending a little more up front. For that reason, quartz, granite, and crushed glass are competitive choices.

Some countertop materials look great and hold up relatively well, but may require more preventative care and an eagle eye to keep looking pristine. Solid wood can fall into this category, and although nicks and scratches can always be sanded and resealed, other materials don’t have this issue at all. As mentioned above, recycled glass is super durable, and although it costs a little extra, it’s an eco-friendly option that you’ll never have to worry about. If you’re into a more classic appearance, the traditional selection of stones are usually safe bets – but you can always talk to a professional to be sure your vision matches your desire for quality.

Different countertops have different lifespans, and this is where it becomes the most clear what you are getting for your money: how long will it last, and of that time, how long will it look good without maintenance? Certain natural stones, such as quartz, can last over 100 years – that’s incredible! By comparison, marble has a 20 year lifespan, and laminate is about the same, though you might be able to get an extra 10 years out of it. When you consider the 70 to 80 (or even more) additional years your quartz and similar counters will last – all while looking as good as the day you bought them with minimal maintenance – it’s easy to see why the extra expense to purchase quality materials is worth it in the long run.

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