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How to Properly Maintain Granite Countertops

Your granite countertops are gorgeous and you want to keep them that way for years to come. As with many aspects of homeownership, the best way to ensure your cabinets stay in tip-top shape is to have a quality maintenance routine and to take consistent care of them. If you’re wondering exactly what you should be doing to protect the beauty and integrity of your counters, check out these helpful strategies for proper care of granite.

Make Sure to Seal Them
Sealing your countertops is probably the most important step you can take – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Don’t wait for an accident to happen and then find yourself trying to fix. Instead be proactive about sealing the counters to protect them from possible future damage. Invest in a high-quality sealer and follow the directions for application. This will need to be done when the granite is completely dry and you’ll likely have to buff it after drying. Once the application process is complete, it will add to the natural shine of your counters and keep them safe from spills and accidents.

Clean Spills Immediately
Granite is slightly porous so you’ll want to ensure nothing sits on top waiting to be absorbed. For most things, a standard cleaning with soap and water should just about do the trick. If you go with a store-bought product be mindful of which cleaners you do use. Harsh cleaners can strip your sealant and you will need to re-apply the product. Anything acidic should definitely be avoided.

Be Mindful of Food Preparation
Don’t set raw meats directly on the counter or pour olive oil onto them. With non-porous cleaning surfaces, your counter can be used as a food preparation station. Granite should be treated a bit more carefully. Similarly, make sure not to let your knives come into contact with the counter or you may find both damaged. Another sneaky suspect is diamond rings. If you wear a diamond ring on your hand, take it off before cooking. Granite is tough, but diamond is tougher. One slip and you could find a chip. You should always use a cutting board or mat to keep a layer of protection between food products and your beautiful counters.

Don’t Store Damaging Items on the Counter
There are some items you may not realize can cause damage to your counters. Olive oil can often sit on the outside of jars and make it hard to keep their containers perfectly clean. If you store the olive oil bottle in the same space on the counter every day, you could start to see signs of discoloration as time goes on. Instead, place potentially harmful items in cabinets to keep your counters looking as new as the day you got them.

Granite counters are a durable investment that add so much beauty and value to your home. With just a little preventative care and consistent maintenance, you’re sure to enjoy them looking shiny and beautiful for decades to come!

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