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Maintaining your white shaker cabinets

White shaker cabinets have the uncanny ability to make any kitchen looking pristine and gorgeous. They’re some of the most popular options out there in the market, and they’ve been valued by millions of Americans across the region. White shakers have a distinct look that can be versatile and elegant at the same time. These unique cabinet forms also make it easier to spot any imperfections and make it that much trickier to clean up.

Unfortunately, the tiniest of splashes or dirt can show up on a white shaker as a blemish on its perfection. That’s why maintenance is key when it comes to white shakers. You need to make sure that your maintenance schedule matches the number and quality of the shakers you’ve installed. You don’t want any mismatches here, as even the tiniest of marks can show their true colors when you’ve installed a whole bunch of them.

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You want to use a mixture of wet and dry techniques to get any of the residual dirt out of the cabinets. First, you need to find areas where there is a lot of dirt or grime trapped on your cabinets. Next, you can take a wet sponge with some all-purpose cleaner and go over the dirty areas. You can easily wipe away a lot of the dirt that’s stuck on these cabinets. After you’re done with a wet sponge, you must use a dry cloth to wipe the area clean.

Otherwise, hidden moisture may reduce the integrity of the wood and lower its life expectancy. Remember to dry off the area with a towel of a cloth, after you’re done.

Remember to be gentle when it comes to clean your white shakers. Since you want to keep your cabinets looking young and evergreen, you need to make sure that you’re not using any corrosive cleaning agents. Anything that has corrosive cleaning ingredients will take away the natural shine of the cabinet and make it appear dull and old. You want to make sure that you’re using a soft cloth when wiping or cleaning the area as well.

Another important factor to note, is splashes and countertop messes. Sometimes what happens is that we end up splashing a lot of the ingredients that we use for cooking. That might be cream, or curds, or even some sauces that we might use daily. When these ingredients create a mess on the countertop, we clean it off. However, we end up ignoring the splashes that are formed on the cabinets. We need to make sure that we have a regular maintenance schedule when it comes to the cabinets as well.

We should aim to clean our cabinets as frequently as possible, so that the white in the white shaker doesn’t get dirty. We should also aim to keep the wood as dry and moisture-free as possible, which means that the surrounding areas should be clean as well.

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