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Refacing vs buying new (refacing is not cheaper!)

The question is a common one and one that’s as old as time. Should you replace or reface your cabinets? One might be quick to think that refacing is cheaper, because you’re simply renewing an existing cabinet. That might not be true in most cases, and the labor costs involved also may not completely justify this approach.

It can easily cost you about $8000 – $ 11000 to reface your kitchen cabinets, depending on the type of wood veneer and laminate you’re using. There are also underlying issues with the wood that could go unmasked for years, until they finally start to crack under the pressure. There are a lot of factors that come into play when considering which option to go for.

There’s the major issue of functionality of the kitchen. If you’ve been living in a kitchen that’s poorly laid out, then that’s a problem for life. You need to get new cabinets that go well with the kind of kitchen you have. If the wood is beginning to fall out, or if the cabinets are really old, then considering new cabinets is the right option.

You also want to think about enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. If you’re a homeowner and you want to drive the value of the home upwards, then getting new cabinets would be the first step in doing so. Having high-quality and modern cabinets is a great idea especially if you’re looking to sell the house in the near-future. Problems with old wood or bad core structure can lead to a disapproving buyer in a tight market.

Misconceptions with regards to installing new cabinets need to be addressed as well. It’s not true, when people think that it takes 4-5 times longer and costs 6-7 times more when replacing cabinets. With modern technologies and affordable cabinet designs, more people are opting to buy new cabinets rather than get refacing done.

Refacing doesn’t allow you to reconfigure your kitchen, to introduce more cost-efficiencies. You can make a few changes in your kitchen’s layout and actually save cost in buying new cabinets. This is especially true if you have a larger number of cabinets that aren’t designed in the best way possible. You can go with stock cabinets that end up costing you less than a refacing job. Even though there aren’t significant changes when you get refacing done, it simply hides any structural problems.

This could lead to potential injuries or damage when the frame does give in, and your kitchenware crashes down. It’s always a good idea to speak with the experts and not take any risks when considering what to do with cabinets. Since they’re strategically attached and need regular maintenance, it’s always a good idea to buy new instead of refacing.

Replacing gives you full control, which is an important cost consideration as well. The level of control that you can get from design to structure, is invaluable and an increasing source of happiness and satisfaction when it comes to kitchens.

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