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What you need to know about quartzite countertops

Quartzite countertops are quickly becoming one of the trendiest choices in America. Its beauty, its class and most importantly its versatility is making it one of the top choices to opt for.

What is quartzite?
Essentially, quartzite is a metamorphic rock that’s formed from sandstone. The transformation occurs when sandstone is heated at high temperatures between the earth’s shifting plates. The added pressure and differences in temperature creates this form of rock. Depending on the area of origin and how it was processed, it can have rich colours and eye-catching patterns. The colours could range from white to black, to even shades of blue and green. There can be multiple variations and different colours under the quartzite umbrella.
What are some of the popular quartzite varieties?
There are 4 popular quartzite varieties that are quickly becoming a standard in most homes, namely
– Mother of Pearl
– White Macaubas
– La Dolce Vita
– Taj Mahal

Each option has its own set of colours and distinctive markers that create a unique look. Home owners absolutely love to experiment with these colours and designs to create new looks in their kitchens.

What are the advantages of quartzite?
One of the greatest advantages of quartzite is its durability. It’s such a versatile element that its durability is quite surprising to most home owners. Vein-cut quartzite can have streaks that give it a contemporary vibe, while having diagonal lines through it. This mixes up the organic look with contemporary tones. There are so many applications that can be designed through the quartzite material that its amazing.

What are the disadvantages of quartzite?
The biggest problem when it comes to quartzite is prolonged exposure to heat. While it is highly heat resistant, there could be problems that arise from extended exposure to heat. Using hot pots and pans can create issues with longevity and lifespan of the material.

How do you maintain quartzite?
Quartzite maintenance depends on the type of material you choose. There are so many varieties of quartzite that don’t require sealing, while others require it regularly. It completely depends on how the manufacture asks you to take care of it. Keeping it clean is a given but using mild detergents instead of corrosive agents is important.
To keep it in good shape for long periods of time, you must ensure that you clean up spills quickly and not let too much grease develop over time. Using a damp and soft cloth regularly is the best idea, as it doesn’t affect the quality of stone.

Popularity and where you can get quartzite for your home
The advantages far outweigh the maintenance costs and disadvantages of quartzite leading it to become a top choice for home owners across the country. It’s versatility and durability make it a stylish choice that lasts a life time. You can visit The Cabinet Center and take a look at all the latest quartzite options available in the market. We keep an extensive lineup of the latest quartzite countertops.

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