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12 Questions You Need to Ask for the Perfect Kitchen Remodel

A remodel is exciting, but like all exciting investments – buying a car or home, starting a new career – it’s important to do research beforehand so you can enjoy feeling confident in your decisions. A kitchen remodel lasts years – in many cases, it’s the only one you ever do – so you should love it from its first day to its last. The best way to become an expert on any topic is to ask questions, and lots of them. The more questions you ask, the more confident you’ll feel from start to finish on your remodeling journey – here are 12 great ones to start with so you can be sure you’ll enjoy the perfect kitchen remodel.

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. What is my budget?
    This is a crucial first step. Remodels have a way of spiraling out of control in terms of costs, especially if you’re making decisions on the fly. Instead of ending the remodel with sticker shock, or worse, uncompleted due to lack of funds – start your remodel right by calculating your budget and sticking to it. It also doesn’t hurt to have additional funds in case an unexpected cost arises so you know you’re covered.
  2. What do I like and dislike about my current kitchen?
    A remodel can change a lot about a kitchen, but not everything. Take a nice long look at your kitchen – first be logical and unemotional, what are its strengths and weaknesses? Then add emotions back in – what do you love or hate? These can help guide you as you make decisions on how to upgrade.
  3. What do I use my kitchen for the most?
    If you’re a host at heart, make sure your remodel keeps that passion in mind. If you eat out more than you actually cook, maybe you can afford to be a little more flashy than practical for a stunning aesthetic. It’s important to know your needs so you can design your kitchen to meet them.
  4. What is my five-year plan for this home?
    Are you going to be selling? Make sure to make upgrades that will positively impact the value of your home. Will you be here for a long time? Then make whatever changes you love the most!

Questions to ask your contractor:

  1. Are you licensed and insured?
    Simple, but critical. Protect yourself from liabilities by learning this before going any farther.
  2. What is the expected timeline to completion?
    Remodels are tough, and that fact isn’t to be underestimated. Whether you’ll be living in the house during the remodel (remember, your kitchen may often be unusable), or moving out for a while – it’s crucial to set realistic expectations until you’ll have your home back.
  3. What is your preferred payment schedule?
    Never pay for a project up front, but also remember this is their source of income. Talk about payment schedules and percentages so you start off on the right foot with no awkward misunderstandings.
  4. Do you have any concerns about this project?
    If your contractor has concerns, you should know before the project starts so you have an opportunity to make changes or brace for complications.
  5. How will we handle anything unexpected that may come up?
    Disagreements happen, but you don’t want bad blood with your contractor. Let them know you understand that unexpected things can arise and that they can have an open dialogue with you so the project is smooth sailing from start to finish.
  6. Do you have any suggestions?
    After all, they’re the expert! You may have amazing ideas, but your contractor will understand how those will translate into real life, and may even have some ideas that will shock you.
  7. Will I have a dedicated team working on my home?
    Some companies have dedicated crews, while others shift daily depending on schedules. We recommend the former, so always ask this question before getting started.
  8. What do you need from us during the day-to-day?
    Some days they may just need you to stay out of the way, and doing that will help the project go even faster. Other days they may need a lot of communication to proceed in the best way possible.
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