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Tips for a Smooth Renovation Process

A remodel is a big step – it’s full of potential and excitement, and absolutely worth it in the end, but it can also open the doors to chaos and stress. In the end, the final product is the thing you need to love for years to come, and the remodel is only a short time, but nobody wants to hate the process. Unfortunately, that’s a common reality for many and we think it’s completely avoidable with just a few simple preventative measures – so here are a few tips to ensure you have a smooth renovation process.

Set realistic expectations
This includes a lot of things, so when creating the initial plans with your contractor, don’t hold back on questions. A few to consider include:

  • What is the cost estimated to be?
  • How should we do the payment schedule?
  • How long do we expect it to take?
  • What is the longest it could possibly take?
  • Will you need us to be in the house on specific days, or out of the house on specific days?
  • Will there be times when our appliances are non-functional?

You really can’t ask too many questions, and the clearer of a picture you paint of what to expect from the beginning, the easier it will be to live through while it’s taking place. Remodels can come with many challenges – if you’re redoing your kitchen, cooking will likely not be possible for extended periods of time, and other similar situations. In some cases, the information you learn upfront may be enough to make you want to take breaks in a hotel for some portions of the process. Regardless of how you choose to proceed, you’ll thank yourself for taking this important step.

Open the lines of communication with your contractor
Nobody wants to have a bad relationship with their contractor through a process like a remodel, so make sure the lines are open. If there is an unexpected challenge, make sure they feel they can talk to you. If you’re feeling frustrated by something, make sure you can voice your concerns to them in a respectful and productive way. By establishing a dynamic with clear lines of communication, you are both more likely to work well together and enjoy a process that, by all means, should be enjoyable.

Have an emergency fund for unexpected obstacles
Budget is one of the most common issues when it comes to seeing a remodel through. It’s great when everything goes according to plan, but some things simply can’t be planned for – sometimes you rip out a wall and realize there is a much more pressing issue that needs to be resolved before you continue. When this happens, there’s no choice but to bite the bullet, and for that reason it’s really important to have an additional emergency fund beyond your anticipated budget so it’s a less stressful situation.

Be flexible
Regrettably, it’s impossible to predict a remodel from start to finish. Your contractor can’t read the future and there’s no way for them to lay out every detail before things begin. By establishing realistic expectations, keeping the lines of communication open, and planning for unexpected surprises, you will reward yourself with the ability to be much more flexible and adaptable throughout the entire process. Doing so will make it more pleasant for everyone, but most especially you and your family.

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