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Family Room Entertainment Center Ideas

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but the family room is definitely a competitive second place. Between movie marathons, game nights, and video game showdowns, a lot of good memories and quality time can happen in those four walls. As such, it’s important to have an entertainment center for your television set, video game consoles, and any other necessary recreational equipment that your family enjoys when you all come together. When keeping an entertainment center in mind, there are a few factors that should be considered to ensure you truly have the perfect fit. The first is your needs – it may look good in the magazine, but if it’s not a good fit then you won’t truly enjoy it. The second is your home – no matter how much you may love a particular unit, if it doesn’t fit then it won’t work. The third and final are your tastes, it’s important that it fits your needs and your home, but it’s equally important that you truly love it. Keeping all that in mind, here are a few tips when it comes to selecting your perfect entertainment center.

To ensure a unit fits your needs, consider a few quick things. First, measure your TV – never guess. Also, ask yourself if you will want to get a larger TV in the future. If you like your current size and plan on sticking to that when it comes time to replace, it’s better to get a good fit because extra space will make your TV look smaller. But if there’s any chance you’ll want to upgrade in the future, leave the extra room so you don’t have to upgrade your entertainment center, too. Also, determine your storage needs. Do you have a large VHS or DVD collection you still like to use? Or maybe you have several video game consoles ranging from an old-school Nintendo NES to a newer Xbox. No matter what your entertainment preferences are, make sure you account for them when choosing your perfect entertainment unit.

When it comes to your home, take into consideration the measurements of the walls, the depth you’re looking for, and the height. Measure from wall to wall, and don’t forget to account for baseboards or anything else that might fudge the numbers. Then measure from the floor to the ceiling – if you’re planning on shopping for a larger unit. Most importantly don’t forget to measure depth. A big center could sound like a great idea, but depending on the size you could lose a lot of space between your current unit and the coffee table or couch. On an aesthetic level, consider the hardware of the knobs on the entertainment center, or the finish of the wood or metal or other building material. Make sure it fits in with your big picture for the house and other features that you already have installed.

Finally, make sure you love it. After all, that’s the point! An entertainment center is only as good as its ability to entertain your family and bring you all together. Measurements and finishes mean nothing if it doesn’t feel like a good fit to you, so if you don’t find exactly what you want – reach out, you have professionals ready, willing, and eager to help.


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