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The Cabinet Center / Blog  / 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid During a Kitchen Remodel

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid During a Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen is the most often used room in your house and also the most popular to renovate. A kitchen remodel is a great investment that pays off by improving function and increasing your home’s value. It’s easy to get caught up dreaming about colors and other design aesthetic, but you must not put dreams before reality and common sense. To design a kitchen that is both functional and beautiful, you need to avoid some common mistakes, which are easy to make, but can be difficult to repair.

THE KITCHEN TRIANGLE: The first common mistake is to ignore the kitchen work triangle. Your stove, sink and refrigerator make up the three points in this triangle. It’s important to keep the space between these points between 4-9 feet. You don’t want to place appliances, cabinets or trash cans within the path of this area. The kitchen sink, countertop/cooktop and refrigerator are the three main work centers in your kitchen layout. Make sure you have enough space between them. Think about how you use your kitchen and how you can create multiple work spaces.

VENTALATION, WATER AND ELECTRICITY: Gas cooktops need proper ventilation which means selecting the right size hood, and making sure you have enough clearance around the cabinets and work areas. A majority of mistakes in kitchen remodeling happen with electrical outlet positioning. For instance, some freezers require a separate connection and some appliances require a 3-phase outlet connection. All the plugs with power requirements have to be considered before starting a remodel.

FLOORS: When you choose material for your kitchen floor, think about the wear and tear it will endure. While wooden floors are very popular, they can become a problem. They look beautiful at first, but all it takes is dropping a pan of boiling water and the wood begins to show all your mistakes. A better choice might be a stone, tile, laminate or even bamboo, which will serve you better in a room that sees so much foot traffic.

WASTED SPACE: The kitchen is the heart of your home. One common mistake is not taking into account your storage needs when designing your kitchen space. Too many storage cabinet designs result in wasted space. If you can’t open one of your cabinets or drawers because of bad planning, you are making your kitchen less effective. Cabinets that are too high up or too small can be space wasters as well.

APPLIANCES: Do not pick kitchen appliances at the last minute. You must pick your kitchen appliances early in the renovation process because otherwise you will not know the exact measurements of the appliances before you select them. Small appliances should easily fit on your counters. Avoid choosing the wrong size appliances since it can make the entire kitchen look messy.

These common mistakes can cause a lot of frustration, so it is wise to avoid them so that your kitchen remodel can be completed on time and within budget.

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