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Design Elements That Lighten Up Your Kitchen

When it comes to expanding your home – visually, that is – lighter and brighter is usually the way to go. Dark and moody aesthetics can look gorgeous, but it’s no secret they shrink a room, so those are best used in large open spaces that can compensate. For most of us, the goal is to make our space look bigger and more expansive than it actually is, which typically means whites, brights, and lights. In the absence of a remodel, a fresh coat of paint and interior design choices like curtains can go a long way. However, if you’re looking to revamp your kitchen in a big way, here are some design elements you can incorporate to open and lighten up your kitchen.

Cabinets, in many cases, dominate the visual space of your kitchen. Even if you have larger counters or lots of wall space, the vertical orientation of cabinets plus the fact they protrude off the wall means they are very often the first thing people notice. If you have to pick just one design element to implement into your plans to expand your visual space, cabinets are an excellent candidate. Dark cabinets can make a dramatic impact, but light cabinets can blend right in so the room works cohesively for a relaxing and open aesthetic.

The more light elements you have working together, the less visual competition your eyes will experience when taking in the aesthetic of the room. Imagine light walls, dark cabinets, and neutral counters – beautiful, but the lack of color cohesion functionally breaks up the kitchen into individual parts. To open up a space, do the opposite and find light walls, cabinets, and counters to create one harmonious space that the eyes can take in as a whole. Add in open windows for natural light, and the right counters will truly shine and take your kitchen to the next level.

One of the best parts about designing kitchens is their versatility. There are so many types of floors (or any feature) you can incorporate for an amazing final product – tile, hardwood, and more – as well as colors – you can go dark and dramatic, light and white, or fun and bold – it’s all on the proverbial table. You can design a kitchen with dark and rich wood floors, colorful tiles, or anything else you can dream up. With that in mind, to make sure your floors are working toward your vision of a bright open space rather than against it, try a lighter color of any material to make a big impact. There are any number of options for beautiful wood floors in shades of off-white or cream, or you can go with classic tile in any light color or pattern.

Cabinets, counters, and floors represent the three biggest occupiers of visual space in your kitchen. By designing them to work together with light and white colors, you can be sure your new and improved kitchen will open right up and create the perfect entertainment space for you to enjoy with family, friends, and loved ones.

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