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Different Ways to Match Your Kitchen & Bathroom Cabinet Styles

When it comes to designing one room, it can be fun but challenging to tie everything together thematically while still keeping things interesting. However, when it comes to tying an entire house together, things can get even more complex – not everything has to match, especially if they’re in different rooms, but you also want your house to feel cohesive and not disjointed. When it comes to redesigning your kitchen and bathroom spaces, here are a few different ways to match your cabinet styles.

Consider proximity
It can be a mistake to pigeon-hole yourself into thinking your cabinets all need to match perfectly, which is absolutely not the case. That being said, there are a few circumstances that may influence how you choose to match (or not match) your bathroom and kitchen cabinets. One of the most important factors to consider is proximity – if your bathroom is more of a powder room directly accessible from the kitchen, then it makes sense to ensure there is a thematic overlap between both rooms. However, that still is not to say that it needs to match perfectly, in fact, there’s a great case to be made for not doing so – complementary cabinets can be a great way to pull two rooms together. For example, using the same style but in a different color from the same family can be a great way to include some visual diversity while still ensuring things flow from room to room.

Consider each room or the house as a whole
Some houses have many rooms with many colors and aesthetics – and this is absolutely possible to accomplish in a way that is both thoughtful and beautiful. For example, the living room may feature greens and neutrals, while one bedroom may have deep purples, as well as a bathroom with golds – it’s certainly no requirement that an entire house follow a single strict theme. That being said, if your entire house is decorated with an overall traditional tone, one bathroom with an ultra-modern theme will likely feel incredibly out of place, so it is important to keep some sense of cohesion throughout your space. To avoid this, consider the overall style of each set of cabinets, as well as the handles and pulls used – sleek and clean lines paired with minimalist colors will usually look more modern, whereas embellishments and round features will offer a contrasting aesthetic.

Embrace the matching
Although, as explored above, it’s absolutely possible to strategically pair different cabinets between rooms, it’s also okay if you want to make them match identically. Many beautifully designed homes feature one consistent decorating theme present throughout the house, and it can be a very bold and impactful way to design your home. Alternatively, instead of complementing the cabinets to keep things different but similar, you can use identical cabinets but keep the accessorizing decor different but similar. For example, different color palettes used for towels, rugs, and wall art can make the same cabinet design feel two completely different ways. No matter which direction you choose to take your cabinetry and accompanying design elements, it’s important to make sure you love and are proud to show off the final product.

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