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Luxury Countertop Materials for 2018

Kitchens are pretty much the domestic heart of the family. Kitchen countertops are where family members sit, drink milk, make sandwiches, and bake cookies. It’s a place where people meet, talk about their opinions and share pleasant memories. In the modern home, design aesthetic is the core of it all, making luxury countertops a premier choice to opt for. Luxury countertops are a great investment for anyone wanting to make their kitchen “pop”! Set the right tone for your kitchens by going for something that says – luxury. Here are some great luxury countertop materials that you can opt for in 2018 –

1. Engineered Quartz (B&W) – Quartz is sometimes referred to as the most luxurious countertop material that you can go for. A remodelling project is instantly brought to life, when using quartz as your base material. Going for a classic Black and White finish, also adds life to the décor that is presented to guests. Caesarstone’s Raven quartz is a great Quartz variety to go for, when looking for something fashionable and trendy for 2018. Other brand names, including Silestone, Zodiaq, and Cambria are also a great choice to go for. Quartz looks great and lasts longer than most other materials.

2. Zinc Countertops – Although you don’t find Zinc in many modern homes, this is a great luxurious countertop material that adds class to your kitchen finish. It has a sense of unmatched warmth, with its darker tones and added pizzazz. This glamorous countertop material is all the rage these days, with antibacterial properties and smart cooking adaptability. It’s going to go upwards of $100 per square foot and its worth every penny.

3. Recycled Glass Counters – Probably one of the most expensive kitchen countertop materials, at $160-200 per square foot, the combination of recycled glass and cement make your kitchen look like a Hollywood movie set. The counters are eco-friendly, sturdy, visually stunning, and a great alternative to the boring old designs that everyone’s been using these days.

4. European Marble – Antique cream and Super-white pearls have been the best sellers in the luxury countertop market. 2018 is looking to become the year of marble countertops. They have a classic look that never gets out of style – which is the best part about marble! Everything else may become obsolete within a few years, but marble is a material that’s timeless. There are more varieties in marble than in most other countertop materials, and the cost isn’t too pricey.

5. Luxury Concrete – We’re not talking about the concrete that makes New York City New York City, we’re talking about luxury concrete counter tops that look modern and classic. There are so many colours and visual textures to chose from, making concrete a versatile countertop material – and ready for 2018! There are various pigments and dyes that can be added to concrete so that you can customize the exact look at you need to go for. Luxury concrete can easily go for $150-200 per square foot.

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